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Meet the Staff

We are excited to meet you and support you during your stay on campus

Summer at DePauw Staff  


Myron Burr, Assistant to the Athletic DIRECTOR 

Contact: 765-658-4012 or

Years at DePauw: Has been at DePauw for 6 years 

Why DePauw: I started working at DePauw in July 2015, and I am a 2013 graduate. All in all, I have been at DePauw for roughly six years. I chose to return to DePauw because I know that it would be a great place for me to learn and grow as a professional, among a great group of people.


Emeline Hansen, Director of Campus Life & Summer Programs

Contact: 765-658-4267 or

Years at DePauw: Has been at DePauw for 7 years


Dorian Shager, Dean of Campus Life

Contact: 765-658-4267 or

Years at DePauw: Has been at DePauw for 18 years

Why DePauw: I love DePauw.  I love the intellectual exploration it offers students and the beauty of liberal arts learning the cultivates critical thinking and communication skills.  I love the out-of-class opportunities that synthesize ideas into a deeper understanding and application.  I love being a residential campus where students truly live with and learn from one another.

Student Staff

2017 SUMMER AT DEPAUW & CAMPUS LIFE Student Staff & Interns

Marianne Headshot

Marianne martinez, SUMMER AT DEPAUW Intern

Why DePauw: DePauw is my home, away from home. I have been able to find a community, and group of friends that I will always hold dear to my heart.

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Women’s Studies, Political Science

Hometown: New York City, New York

Campus Involvement: Vice President of Student Life, DePauw Student Government; Vice President, Association of African American Students; Treasurer, Association of African American Students; Secretary, Ladies & Allies for Cross-Cultural Excellence; Member to the Board of Allocations, DePauw Student Government

 Dylan Headshot


Why DePauw: The School of Music first drew me to DePauw. When I came to audition, I fell in love with the beautiful campus, the friendly and hospitable staff, faculty, and students, and the innovative music curriculum. I knew that I would have so many opportunities to perform, engage with the Greencastle community, share my experiences and music with the DePauw community, and receive an incredibly rigorous education with so much in-field experience. I received all of that and so much more! During my time at DePauw, I have cherished most the close, personal relationships I've made with so many students, faculty, and staff of which I am proud to call my friends. DePauw has been like a home to me in so many ways!

Major: Vocal Performance

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, Community Resource Assistant & Housing Assistant; Music Coordinator and Treasurer, Catholic Student Association; Rehearsal pianist, DePauwCappella; Co-host of Storytellers @ M2 Live Show, DePauw School of Music; Member, Delta Upsilon Fraternity

 Zach Headshot


Why DePauw: I loved the small, tight-knit community and the beautiful campus when I visited. I was impressed with the academic rigor and the push from the School of Music to be a better musician and explore what I love to do!

Major: Music

Minor: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Pekin, Indiana

Campus Involvement: First-Year Resident Assistant; Community Resource Assistant; Mu Phi Epsilon; Member, Sigma Nu Fraternity; National Association for Music Education

Uriah Headshot


Why DePauw: Because of its liberal arts education and financial support from the Chicago Posse Foundation, DePauw has served as a place towards the continuation of my studies and education. From being a part of several organization, as well as, attending and running events, I have been able to recognize and appreciate my personal growth as I work towards enhancing my passions, skills, and talents.

Major: Communications

Minor: Film Studies

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Campus Involvement: Vice President, Elegua Chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc.; Vice President, DePauw Multicultural Greek Council; Campus Life Intern; Member, X-Cell Dance Team; Information Technology Associates Program



Why DePauw: As a first-generation college student, DePauw was a huge step for me and my family. During my senior year of high school, I applied to over 16 colleges and universities all out of the state of Texas. My original goal was to get an athletic scholarship in Track and Field, however, DePauw changed my mind. After visiting the campus, attending classes in a few academic building, and meeting amazing DePauw students, I was proud to call Greencastle, IN my new home. Now, four years later, with the help of my friends, the financial aid office, and my professors, I successfully graduated & will truly miss Old DePauw!

Major:  English Creative Writing

Hometown: Lancaster, TX

Campus Involvement: Corresponding Secretary, Chi City-Wide Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Public Relations Chair, DePauw National Pan-Hellenic Council;Member, DePauw Student Government

Ancilla Headshot

Ancilla flemens, SUMMER AT DEPAUW STUDENT Staff

Why DePauw: Being provided a liberal arts educations grants me the opportunity to think outside of the box. DePauw allows me to explore my creativity and find a community that aides me and motivates me in achieving success. Being here has allowed me to fully embrace my uniqueness and grow as I learn more about the world outside of what I am accustomed to. The community here is helping me grow as a young women and build my independence away from home.

Major: English Writing

Minor: Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Queens, New York

Campus Involvement: Founder of Elite PreciZion; Service Coordinator, Hartman House; Programming Director, Caribbean Student Association; Member, Feminista!; Member, Association of African-American Students 

Serena Headshot

Serena Rodriguez, SUMMER AT DEPAUW STUDENT Staff

Why DePauw: DePauw is the perfect way to gain my independence in a place different from where I am from. DePauw has and continues to give me the tools to pursue my future goals. The tight-knit community allows me to explore my interests more than I would have been able to anywhere else and grow not only academically but socially as well.

Major: Communications

Minor: Education Studies

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Campus Involvement: Posse Scholar; First Year Resident Assistant; Member, Association for African-American Students; Global Partner; Secretary, Caribbean Student Association; Secretary, Committee For Latino Concerns 

Vincent Headshot

Vincent Champion, SUMMER AT DEPAUW STUDENT Staff

Why DePauw: I chose DePauw because of their initiatives on diversity as well as having the ability to experience a liberal arts education. I knew that by coming to DePauw I was going to experience a multitude of ideas and gain real time experience. Additionally I wanted to be apart of a community that was cultivating to all students of different backgrounds.

Major: Political Science & Communications

Minor: French

Hometown: Harlem, New York

Campus Involvement: Member, X-Cell; Member, DePauw Outdoors; Member, Association of African American Students; Member, Elite PreciZion; Member, Model United Nations; Member, Men of Excellence; Member, Rock Climbing Club