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Senate Resolutions

Official documents of DePauw Student Government

What is a Resolution? 

A resolution is an authoritative report that aims to help its readers to understand a current issue or concern, to solve a problem, or to make a decision. These are typically written by members of the Senate Chamber and Executive Board.

Concerning the Birthday Book (4/17/16)
Concerning the Wellness Center (4/17/16)
Concerning the Addition of Outdoor Artwork on Campus (4/17/16) 
Concerning Healthy Vending Machines in Lilly and Welch Fitness Centers (4/17/16)
Concerning an Annual Day of Dialogue (4/17/16) 
Concerning DSG Executive Pay (2/21/16)
Concerning ICCF Program (2/14/16)
Concerning Campus Accessibility (2/14/16)
Concerning DePauw Dining Experience (10/11/15)
Concerning Student Activities Fund II (10/11/15)
Concerning Athletic History Murals (9/13/15)
Concerning Student Study Spaces II (9/13/15)
Concerning Post Office System (11/16/14)
Concerning Student Study Spaces (11/16/14)
Concerning Laundry Facilities (11/16/14)
Concerning Bon Appetit Hours (11/16/14)
Concerning the Student Activity Fund (11/16/14)
Concerning Sensitivity Training for Bon Appetit Staff (11/16/14)
Concerning Campus Lighting (9/28/14)
Concerning a Smoothie Stand in Welch Fitness Center (9/28/14)
Concerning a Stop Sign on Anderson and Locust Streets (9/28/14)
Concerning First Year Diversity Programming (4/27/14)
Concerning Diversity Sensitivity Training for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators (4/27/14)
Concerning the Need for a Multicultural Competency (4/27/14)
Recognizing DePauw's History of ROTC and Military Service (4/27/14)
Concerning Interdisciplinary Majors and Course Registration (4/27/14)
Promoting Hoover Hall to be more sustainable (3/16/14)
Promoting Sustainability on campus focusing on recycling, composting, and biking to build a more eco-friendly campus and community (3/2/14)
Outlining Concerns with Current Sophomore Experience model, recognition of improvements, suggests for further consideration (3/2/14)
Concerning Student Activities Funding (12/9/13)
Recognizing Improvements thus far to Bon Appetit's Dining Service (11/17/13)
Concerning the Freedom Indiana Coalition (11/10/13)
Concerning Student Frustration with the Class Scheduling System (12/12/12)
Concerning Student Interaction With the Office of Admission (2011-2012)
Concerning Student and Alumni Relations (2011-2012)
Concerning Multicultural Requirements (4/22/12)
Concerning family friendly, single-stalled, gender neutral bathrooms at DePauw University (4/22/12)
Concerning WiFi Deadspots throughout DePauw’s Wireless Network (11/20/11)
Concerning Student Opinion Survey (4/24/11)
Concerning the State of Advising (4/24/11)
Concerning the Extension of the Lunch Hour (3/6/11)
On Designated Silent Study Areas (3/6/11)
Concerning CLA/SoM Integration (11/7/10)
Concerning Overconsumption of Alcohol on Campus (11/7/10)
Concerning DePauw University's Athletic Conference Switch (10/31/10)
Concerning Campus Lighting Issues (10/31/10)
Administrative Responses
Administrative Response to a White Paper Concerning DePauw Dining Experience (12/7/15)
Administrative Response to a White Paper Concerning the Student Activities Fund (12/1/15)
Administrative Response to a Resolution Concerning Improvements to Lilly (12/1/15)
Administrative Response to Student Study Spaces II (11/23/15)
Administrative Response to Hoover Hall White Paper (2014)
Response to Sophomore Experience White Paper (4/10/14)
Response to WiFi Deadspots White Paper

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the DSG press releases, please contact the Director of Public Relations. Updates regarding student organizations or events can be found on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding DSG white papers or administration Responses, please contact the DSG Secretary.