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Welcome Class of 2020!

From the DePauw Student Government President and Vice President

Dear DePauw University Class of 2020,

On behalf of the DePauw Student body, we would like to welcome you-the class of 2020-to the DePauw community. We are so proud and excited that you chose to make DePauw a part of your life. Our community is full of talent, diversity, intelligence, and love. All of this, and much much more, awaits you as you step on campus in a few short weeks.

Our names are Claire Halffield and Charlie Douglas, and we are your DePauw Student Body President and Vice President. We serve as your direct connection to faculty and staff, the DePauw administration, the Board of Trustees, and alumni. We also craft legislation to support student concerns and relay students’ best interests to the administration. We deeply encourage you to reach out to us if you have any concerns, or want to help us change DePauw for the better. You are about to embark on a transformative journey, but until you start making your way to Greencastle, we’d like to challenge you to make the most of your DePauw experience.

We challenge you to take time to listen to other perspectives. For most of you, this will be the first time that you are living alone, and you will have the chance hear opinions drastically different from your own. Every time you open yourself to hearing a view you don’t initially agree with, you either change your mindset or grow stronger in your beliefs. Both of these routes are extremely important and vital to your success.

We challenge you to keep an open mind, and rethink how you think your college experience should be. Take classes in subjects that you don’t know anything about, sign up for too many clubs, and travel the world when it’s available to you. Sometimes, the best path for you is a deviation from your plan, and that’s okay.

We challenge you to remember why you are at school: to learn. You will discover that you learn a lot from your most difficult classes. While grades are important, they will NOT make or break you. So much of what we learn at DePauw takes place outside of the classroom--sometimes you learn more talking with friends at Marvin’s at 1am than you will learn studying for a multiple choice exam.

We challenge you to take advantage of all the resources DePauw has to offer. The years you will be on campus will be much easier if you reach out to the people that surround you. It’s okay to talk to someone at the wellness center if you’re stressed, it’s okay to reach out to professors when you don’t understand an assignment, and it’s okay to stay up late to have conversations with RAs, floormates, and friends.

We challenge you to meet new people, smile and say hi in your dorm and walking down the street. While some new students arrive to campus with friends from high school, most of us started out knowing only a few of our peers. As seniors, we see that those people that we hesitated to talk to are now some of our best friends. The class of 2020 has a lot to offer; your ranks are filled with students from many different walks of life and with many different skill sets. Your gifts and talents make up our (and your) DePauw Community.

We wish you the best of luck, and cannot wait to meet you all very soon! If you are interested in getting involved with DePauw Student Government, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through email at, on Move-In Day at our table under the big tent, or at the student activities fair on August 26th.


Claire Halffield and Charlie Douglas

Student Body President and Vice President


PS-It’s okay if you pack too much, we all do it.