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Code Talk Educate Advocate and Listen

Code TEAL is a sexual assault awareness campaign started by women on DePauw's campus.

Our goal is to TALK, EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, and LISTEN. We want to spread awareness that sexual assault (and other types of domestic/relationship violence) is a reality for many people on our campus. Most of all, we want YOU to be involved. Come to a meeting Thursday at 5P in the Women's Center. Bring your ideas, bring your questions, bring your girl friends, bring your guy friends, bring your feedback and your enthusiasm. Don't worry if you come in late or have to leave early. We welcome everybody!

Here are some of our projects:
Survivor Stories
We are compiling a publication of anonymous stories of survival that will be distributed throughout campus (and if the submitter chooses, published on a blog). ANYONE can submit their story: if you're a male survivor, if you were an ally of someone going through trauma, if your experience happened off-campus, at home or when you were young---everything is acceptable.
The above link will take you to a form where you can share your story. The form is completely anonymous. We hope that while this will give insight to the realities of living as a survivor, as well as giving survivors the chance to tell their story in their own words. 
**If you are a survivor who is interested in going more public with your story, please let me know. 
Ribbon Stakes & Demonstration
During April, we'll be putting out about 370 stakes with teal ribbons on them in the grounds by the hub to represent (statistically) how many women and men at DePauw have survived sexual misconduct and assault. Later that week, we'll be getting the same number of people (or more) to paint a teal ribbon on their face and then come together at lunch hour to give a face to how many people on our campus might be going through this at this moment. This is where we definitely need more help--we need people to wear TEAL on their faces and come together! 
Campus Climate Conversation: Sexual Assault
We're also trying to organize a campus conversation with the administration where the entire campus can come together and discuss this issue. This will probably be after we do many of the project, so students have time to become aware/reflect on the campaign. 
Campus Map
We wanted to give survivors the opportunity to give transparency to their experiences: survivors will have the opportunity to put a pin in a campus map where they were the victim of sexual misconduct, assault, battery, stalking, etc. 
All ideas, improvements, criticisms, feedback and pushback on these ideas are WELCOME. Please direct questions to J.C. Pankratz at or And please come out to our meetings!