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Men of Excellence

The purpose of Men Of Excellence is to continually strengthen bonds between men; develop leaders through community service, while increasing cultural awareness both academically and socially on DePauw’s campus.

ME Members 2011

Members of the Men of Excellence meet every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 P.M. Everyone, including both men and women, is invited to attend our weekly meeting, and all our events are all open to the campus.

Men of Excellence Yearly Events:

  • Real Talk

  • Bid-A-Date

  • Vibrant Barbecue

  • Women's Appreciation Dinner

  • School Mentors: G.M.S. Community Service

  • Spades and 90's

  • Men of Excellence Retreat

Men of Excellence Events from this Year:

  • 3-On-3 Community Service Basketball Tournament

  • The Urban Lecture Series