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Total Nonstop Wrestling (Wrestling Club)

T.N.W. is a fast paced organization constructed for DePauw’s men and women who are interested in either wrestling or building professional skills. Practice is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15pm in the Lilly Center’s mat room and auxiliary gym. During practice, both experienced and non-experienced wrestlers exchange moves, learn sportsman, and perfect wrestling skills. On Sunday mornings at 11:00am wrestlers and executive members meet to plan for events for recruitment and community service projects to help uplift Greencastle’s community.

T.N.W Executive Board Members:

President and Founder: David Johnson

Chief Manager and Co-Founder: Taylor Jones

Vice President of Finance: Evan Folger

Vice President of Public Affairs: Josh Palacios

Grand Marshall of Archives: Carl Thompson

Meet T.N.W Wrestlers

David Large (165 lbs.): "I wrestled for two years in middle school. . .then went on to wrestle my freshmen and sophomore year of high school. I wrestled some JV and two varsity matches as a freshmen at 125 lbs. and wrestled my sophomore year at 140 lbs. I placed second in a district freshmen tournament out of over 10 wrestlers in my class. I haven't seriously wrestled for about 6 years. . . I'm definitely looking forward to wrestling this next semester with the club".

David Johnson (155 lbs): "Wrestled four years in high school".

Daylon Weddle (210 lbs.): "Have been wrestling for two years and made it to semi state both years".

Evan Folger (160 lbs.): Has "one year of high school experience".

Grant Skipper (150 lbs): "I have never wrestled before, but really wish I had in high school. . . I've had a lot of friends who wrestled and I'm really happy to finally have the opportunity to learn more about it. It's really fun".

Kinsey Simpson (140 lbs.): Has "no wrestling experience". 

Murton Edelstein (164 lbs.): He has "coached a high school team in NJ for five years, but been away from the game for about 7 years", he has "wrestled weight class from high school lightweight to open 198 lbs." .  

Xavier Camacho (127 lbs):  "I have always had an interest in learning how to wrestle, so this club is teaching me everything from the basics first. The only wrestling experience I've ever had was backyard wrestling with my brothers".

Founder and President

David Johnson is the founder and current president of Total Nonstop Wrestling. His priorities primarily focus on creating diversified collaboration on Depauw's Campus and is seen in the organization's events and execution of business as well as his wrestling instruction.