Science Fiction Studies

#7 = Volume 2, Part 3 = November 1975

Jeff Levin

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Select Bibliography.

The following bibliography is a selected and, with respect to the type of data presented, otherwise reduced version of a full Bibliographical Checklist of Le Guin's works which I am preparing for independent publication. Le Guin's published prose fiction is given complete, but no poems are listed other than those included in the book C2 (there would be 14 more items between 1959 and 1974), nor are her translations of Rilke's poems from a French version or her translations of Malaguti's prose from the Italian. The General category is a selection confined, in consultation with the editor of this special issue of SFS, to the most significant of her non-fictional works; omitted are about two dozen letters, notes, and brief articles, mainly in SF fan magazines. In preparing this bibliography I have had the help of Ms. Le Guin herself, who generously put her personal files at my disposal. I would also like to thank for their help Virginia Kidd, Leslie Kay Swigart, and Chuck Jarvis. I would be grateful for any information I might have missed.

C1-C3. Collections

C1. Le monde de Rocannon / Planete d'exil / La cité des illusions. [See ## 9, 10, 11]. Translated by Jean Bailhache. Paris: Opta—Club du Livre d'Anticipation, 1972. Also contains the essay G7, tr. Michel Demuth.

C2. Wild Angels [Poems]. 50p. $2.50. Capra Press (631 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101), 1975. 1) O wild angels.... 2) Coming of Age. 3) There. 4) Footnote. 5) Hier Steh' Ich. 6) Song. 7) Archaeology of the Renaissance. 8) From Whose Bourne. 9) March 21. 10) The Darkness. 11) Dreampoem. 12) The Young. 13) The Anger. 14) Ars Lunga [sic.]. 15) The Molsen. 16) The Withinner. 17) Offering. 18) Arboreal. 19) Dreampoem II. 20) A Lament for Rheged. 21) The Rooftree. 22) Some of the Philosophers. 23) Snow. 24) Flying West From Denver. 25) Winter-Rose. 26) Mount St Helens/Omphalos. 27) For Robinson Jeffers' Ghost. 28) For Bob. 29) Für Elise. 30) For Ted. 31) Elegy. 32) Tao Song.

C3. The Wind's Twelve Quarters. Short Stories. 297p (in proof copy). Harper and Row, 1975 (scheduled October). Contains a Foreword and, with prefatory notes, ## 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31.

C4. Dreams Must Explain Themselves. In preparation (perhaps now ready), 1975, at Algol, Box 4175, New York, NY 10017. $3.00. Contains #6, G14, and G23.

##1 -35. Stories and Novels

#1. An die Musik (short story). Summer 1961 (in Western Humanities Review magazine).

#2. April in Paris (short story). Sept 1962 (in Fantastic magazine). 1969 (in Strange Fantasy No. 10, magazine). 1973 (in The Best From Fantastic, ed. Ted White, Manor Books pb). Collected in C3.

#3. The Masters (short story). Feb 1963 (in Fantastic magazine). 1975 (in Sword & Sorcery Annual magazine). Collected in C3.

#4. Darkness Box (short story). Nov 1963 (in Fantastic magazine). 1970 (in Weird Mystery No. 2, magazine). Collected in C3.

#5. The Word of Unbinding (short story). Jan 1964 (in Fantastic magazine). 1970 (in Strange Fantasy No. 13, magazine). 1973 (in The Golden Road, ed. Damon Knight, Simon and Schuster hb). Collected in C3.

#6. The Rule of Names (short story). Apr 1964 (in Fantastic magazine). 1969 (in The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Story Ever Told No. 13, magazine). 1974 (in Algol magazine, No. 21). Collected in C3.

#7. Selection. (short story). Aug 1964 (in Amazing magazine). 1970 (in Science Fiction Greats No. 17, magazine).

#8. The Dowry of Angyar (short story). Sept 1964 (in Amazing magazine). 1970 (in SF Greats No. 19, magazine). 1973 (in The Best From Amazing Stories, ed. Ted White, Manor Books pb). Incorporated as prologue into #10: Rocannon's World. (Author's title: Semley's Necklace—collected in C3 under that title.)

#9. Rocannon's World (novel). 1966 (Ace pb, bound with Avram Davidson's The Kar-Chee Reign). 1972 (Ace pb). 1972 (UK: Tandem pb). 1973 (Milano: Delta, as L'ultimo pianeta al di là delle stelle, tr. Pier Antonio Rumignani). 1975 (Garland hb). See also C1.

#10. Planet of Exile (novel). 1966 (Ace pb, bound with Thomas M. Disch's Mankind Under the Leash). 1971 (Ace pb). 1972 (UK: Tandem pb). 1973 (Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum, as Ballings Planeet, tr. T. Vosdahmen von Bucholz). 1975 (Garland hb). See also C1.

#11. City of Illusions (novel). 1967 (Ace pb). 1971 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1972 (Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum as De Shing-Begoocheling, tr. A.B.H. van Bommel-van Terwisga). 1973 (UK: Panther pb). 1975 (Garland hb). See also C1. (Author's title: Two-minded Man.)

#12. A Wizard of Earthsea (novel). 1968 (Parnassus Press hb). 1969 (Parnassus Press hb). 1970 (Ace pb). 1971 (UK: Penguin/Puffin pb). 1971 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1974 (UK: Heinemann Educational Books hb). 1974 (as Machten van Aardzee, Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum). 1974 (Ace pb). 1975 (Bantam pb).

#13. Winter's King (short story). 1969 (in Orbit 5, ed. Damon Knight, Putnam hb and various subsequent edns). 1972 (Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, in Damon Knight's Collection 6, as "Winterkönig," pb). Emended version collected in C3.

#14. The Left Hand of Darkness (novel). 1969 (Ace pb). 1969 (Walker hb). 1969 (UK: Macdonald hb). 1969 (SFBC edn as pbd by Walker, hb). 1971 (Paris: Robert Laffont, as La main gauche de la nuit, tr. Jean Bailhache, pb). 1971 (Bologna: Libra, as La mano sinistra delle tenebre, tr. Ugo Malaguti, hb). 1971 (Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, as Duisters Linkerhand pb). 1972 (Tokyo: Hayakawa, as yami no hidari te, tr. Fusa Obi, pb). 1973 (UK: Panther pb). 1973 (Buenos Aires: Minotauro, as La mano izquierda de la oscuridad, tr. Francisco Abelanda, pb).

#15. Nine Lives (short story). Nov 1969 (in Playboy magazine). 1970 (in Nebula Award Stories 5, ed. James Blish, Doubleday and various subsequent edns). 1970 (in World's Best Science Fiction 1970, ed. Donald A Wollheim & Terry Carr, Ace pb and various subsequent edns). 1970 (in Best SF: 1969, ed. Harry Harrison & Brian W. Aldiss, Putnam hb, Berkley pb). 1971 (in The Dead Astronaut, Playboy Press pb). 1973 (with afterword—see G12.—in Those Who Can, ed. Robin Scott Wilson, Mentor pb). 1973 (in The Best From Playboy Number 7, Playboy Press). 1974 (in As Tomorrow Becomes Today, ed. Charles William Sullivan III, Prentice-Hall). 1974 (in Introducing Psychology Through Science Fiction, ed. Harvey A. Katz et al., Rand-McNally). 1974 (in Man Unwept: Visions from the Inner Eye, ed. Stephen V. Whaley and Stanley J. Cook, McGraw-Hill). 1974 (in Modern Science Fiction, ed. Norman Spinrad, Anchor Books). 1975 (in Dreams Awake, ed. Leslie A. Fiedler, Dell pb). Collected, with some cuts restored, in C3.

#16. The End (short story). 1970 (in Orbit 6, ed. Damon Knight, Putnam hb. Berkley pb). 1975 (in The Best From Orbit, ed. Damon Knight, Berkley-Putnam hb). (Collected in C3 under author's title, Things.)

#17. The Good Trip (short story). Aug 1970 (in Fantastic magazine). 1972 (as "Voyage," tr. Alain le Bussy, in L'Aube Enclavée magazine, No. 4) 1973 (as "Voyage," same tr., in Derrière le néant, ed. Henry-Luc Planchat: Verviers: Bibliothèque Marabout). 1974 (in Dream Trips, ed. Michel Parry, UK: Panther). Collected in C3.

#18. A Trip to the Head (short story). 1970 (in Quark/#1, ed. Samuel R. Delany & Marilyn Hacker, Paperback Library pb). 1974 (in The Liberated Future, ed. Robert Hoskins, Fawcett Crest pb). Collected in C3.

#19. The Tombs of Atuan (novel). Winter 1970-71 (in Worlds of Fantasy No. 3, magazine). 1971 (Atheneum hb). 1972 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1974 (UK: Penguin/Puffin). 1974 (UK: Heinemann Educational Books hb). 1974 (as De Tomben van Atuan, tr. F. Oomes, Utrecht/ Antwerpen: Het Spectrum).

#20. The Lathe of Heaven (novel). March & May 1971 (in Amazing magazine). 1971 (Scribner's hb). 1971 (SFBC as pbd by Scribner's, hb). 1972 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1973 (Avon pb). 1975 (UK: Panther pb). 1974 (as La falce dei cieli, tr. Riccardo Valla, Milano: Nord). 1974 (as Meester Dromer, tr. C. Suurmeijer, Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum).

#21. Vaster Than Empires and More Slow (short story). Nov 1971 (in New Dimensions 1, ed. Robert Silverberg, Doubleday hb, Avon pb). 1972 (in The Best Science Fiction of the Year, ed. Terry Carr, Ballantine pb). 1973 (tr. into Japanese, as "teikoku yorimo okiku yuruyakami", in S-F Oct 1973). 1974 (in Wondermakers 2, ed. Robert Hoskins, Fawcett pb). 1975 (in Explorers of Space, ed. Robert Silverberg, Nelson hb). Collected, slightly cut, in C3.

#22. The Farthest Shore (novel). 1972 (Atheneum hb). 1972 (Junior Literary Guild, as pbd by Atheneum, hb). 1973 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1974 (UK: Puffin/Penguin pb). 1974 (as Konig van Aardzee, Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum pb). 1975 (UK: Heinemann Educational Books hb). (Author's title: The Farthest West.)

#23. The Word for World is Forest (long story). 1972 (in Again, Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, Doubleday hb). 1973 (in Again, Dangerous Visions, Volume I, ed. Harlan Ellison, Signet pb). With "Afterword"—see G5. (Author's title: The Little Green Men.)

#24. Cake & Ice Cream (short story). Feb-Mar 1973 (in Playgirl magazine).

#25. Imaginary Countries (short story). Winter 1973 (in The Harvard Advocate magazine). [According to a communication by the author, written ca. 1960.]

#26. Direction of the Road (short story). 1973 (in Orbit 12, ed. Damon Knight, Putnam hb and various subsequent edns). Collected in C3.

#27. Field of Vision (short story). Oct 1973 (in Galaxy magazine). 1974 (in The Best From Galaxy, Volume II, Award pb). (Author's title: The Field of Vision—collected in C3 under that title.)

#28. The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas: Variations on a Theme by William James (short story). Oct 1973 (in New Dimensions 3, ed. Robert Silverberg, SFBC as Nelson Doubleday hb, Signet pb). 1974 (in The Best Science Fiction of the Year #3, ed. Terry Carr, Ballantine pb). 1975 (as "Ceux qui partent d'Omélas ...", tr. by Henri-Luc Planchat, in La frontière avenir, ed. H.-L. Planchat, Paris: Seghers pb). Collected in C3.

#29. The Stars Below (short story). 1974 (in Orbit 14, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row hb). Collected in C3.

#30. The Dispossessed (novel). 1974 (Harper & Row hb). 1974 (Toronto: Fitzhenry & Whiteside hb). 1974 (SFBC as pbd by Harper & Row hb). 1974 (Harper & Row hb). 1974 (UK: Gollancz hb). 1975 (Avon pb).

#31. The Day Before the Revolution (short story). Aug 1974 (in Galaxy magazine). 1975 (in Bitches and Sad Ladies, ed. Pat Rotter, Harper's Magazine Press hb, & Toronto: Fitzhenry & Whiteside). Collected in C3.

#32. Intracom (short story). 1974 (in Stop Watch, ed. George Hay, UK: New English Library hb).

#33. The Author of the Acacia Seeds and Other Extracts from the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics (short story). 1974 (in Fellowship of the Stars, ed. Terry Carr, Simon & Schuster hb & SFBC as pbd by Simon & Schuster). 1975 (in Best Science Fiction of the Year #4, ed. Terry Carr, Ballantine pb).

#34. Schrödinger's Cat (short story). 1974 (in Universe 5, ed. Terry Carr, Random House hb and various subsequent edns).

#35. The New Atlantis (short story). 1975 (in The New Atlantis, ed. Robert Silverberg, Hawthorn hb and SFBC as pbd by Hawthorn, hb).

G1 -G30. General

G1. Review of Jean Lemaire de Belges:"Le Temple d'honneur et de vertus," ed. Henri Hornik. Romanic Review, 49(Oct 1948):210-11.

G2. A Scene from an Opera (in verse). The Minority of One, 3(Aug 1961):9.

G3. Prophets and Mirrors (essay). The Living Light (Fall 1970):111-21.

G4. [Interview & Response to questionnaire]. Entropy Negative, No. 3, (1971):(17-26).

G5. [Response to questionnaire on SF]. Colloquy, 4(May 1971):7.

G6. "Afterward" to "The Word for World is Forest" (see #23).

G7. The Crab Nebula, the Paramecium, and Tolstoy (essay). Riverside Quarterly, 5(Feb 1972):89-96. See also C1.

G8. National Book Award Acceptance Speech. Horn Book, 49(June 1973): 239; SFWA Bulletin, No. 47-48(Summer 1973):32; Algol, No. 21(Nov 1973): 14; Orbit 14, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row, 1974, p.2.

G9. On Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream (review). SFS 1(Spring 1973): 41-44.

G10. From Elfland to Poughkeepsie (essay pbd as chapbook). Portland: Pendragon Press, 1973.

G11. A Citizen of Mondath (essay). Foundation, No. 4 (July 1973):20-24.

G12. Surveying the Battlefield (essay). SFS 1(Fall 1973):88-90.

G13. On Theme (essay). In Those Who Can, ed. Robin Scott Wilson, Mentor, 1973, pp. 203-09.

G14. Dreams Must Explain Themselves (essay). Algol, No. 21 (Nov 1973): 7-10, 12, 14.

G15. Why Are Americans Afraid of Dragons? (essay). PNLA Quarterly, 38(Winter 1974):14-18; as "This Fear of Dragons," in The Thorny Paradise, ed. Edward Blishen, UK: Kestrel Books, 1975, pp. 87-92.

G16. The Staring Eye (essay about Tolkien). Vector, No. 67-68 (Spring 1974):5-7.

G18. Science Fiction Tomorrow (essay). Christian Science Monitor, July 18, 1974.

G19. Escape Routes (essay). Galaxy, 35(Dec 1974):40-44.

G20. Science Fiction and the Future of Anarchy (conversations with Ursula K. Le Guin by Charles Bigelow and J. McMahon). Oregon Times (Dec 1974):24-29.

G21. The Child and the Shadow (essay). The Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress, 32(April 1975): (139)-148.

G22. Tricks, anthropology create new worlds (interview by Barry Barth). Portland Scribe, 4(May 17-25, 1975):8-9.

G23. Ursula K. Le Guin: Interviewed by Jonathan Ward. Algol, 12(Summer 1975):6-10.

G24. SF in a Political-Science Textbook (review). SFS 2(March 1975):93-94.

G25. Ketterer on The Left Hand of Darkness (essay). SFS 2(July 1975): 137-39.

G26. [Letter]. Galaxy, 36(Aug 1975):157.

G27. American SF and the Other. (essay). SFS 2(Nov 1975):208-10.

G28. Is Gender Necessary? (essay). (Forthcoming in Susan J. Anderson and Vonda McIntyre eds., Aurora: Beyond Equality, Fawcett.)

G29. Science Fiction and Mrs. Brown (essay). (Forthcoming in a collection of speeches on SF, ed. Peter Nicholls, UK: Gollancz.) 

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