Science Fiction Studies

#119 = Volume 40, Part 1 = March 2013


SPECIAL ISSUE ON CHINESE SCIENCE FICTION (Edited by Yan Wu and Veronica Hollinger)

  • Han Song. Chinese Science Fiction: A Response to Modernization
  • Liu Cixin. Beyond Narcissism: What Science Fiction Can Offer Literature


  • Michael Saler. Science, the Paranormal, and Science Fiction: Cheng’s Astounding Wonder and Kripal’s Mutants and Mystics 
  • Nicholas Ruddick. Unheimlich Maneuvers: Beaumont’s The Spectre of Utopia and James’s Maps of Utopia          


  • Clarke’s Conversations with Jonathan Lethem and Lethem’s The Ecstasy of Influence (Paweł Frelik)
  •  Gaspar’s The Time Ship: A Chrononautical Journey (David Wittenberg)
  • Dillon’s Walking the Clouds (Amy Ransom)
  • Murphy/Vint’s Beyond Cyberpunk (Gerry Canavan)
  • Page’s The Literary Imagination from Erasmus Darwin to H.G. Wells: Science Evolution, and Ecology (Patrick Parrinder)
  • Schmeink/Böger’s Collision of Realities and Schmeink/Müller’s Fremde Welten: Wege und Räume der Fantastik (Franz Rottensteiner)
  • Smith’s The Journalism of H.G. Wells (John Huntington)     
  • Stallings/Evans’s Murray Leinster: The Life and Works (Joe Sanders)    
  • Westfahl’s The Spacesuit Film: A History, 1918-1969 (J.P. Telotte) 
  • Zgorzelski’s Born of the Fantastic (Grzegorz Trźbicki)      


  • Cutting Up in der Kunsthalle (Rob Latham) 
  • The Politics of Adaptation Conference (Gerry Canavan)               
  • The PKD Festival in San Francisco (Umberto Rossi)         
  • Tales from the British Museum (Roger Luckhurst)           
  • Fi-Sci (Alexis Kirke and Eduardo Miranda)          
  • The Posthuman at Home (Hallvard Haug)           
  • “Sounds of Space” Workshop (Paweł Frelik)
  •  Who Originated the Term “Chronoclasm”? (David Ketterer)  
  • A Feminist Utopia for Annie Denton Cridge? (Taryne Jade Taylor)     
  • SFS Symposium at the 2013 Eaton/SFRA Conference (SFS editors)

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