Science Fiction Studies

#127 = Volume 42, Part 3 = November 2015



  • Arthur B. Evans. Culminating a Decade of Scholarship on Jules Verne: Noiset’s New Translation of The Self-Propelled Island,  Taves’s Hollywood Presents Jules Verne, andButcher’s Jules Verne inédit: les manuscrits déchiffrés.           

  • John Rieder. Utopia, SF, and the Ideology of Form: Moylan’s Demand the Impossible (2nd ed.), Tally Jr.’s Utopia in the Age of Globalization, and Wegner’s Essays on Science Fiction, Globalization,  and Utopia.        

  • David M. Higgins. The Cutting Edges of SF Scholarship: Bould/Williams’s SF Now.           


  • Eller’s Ray Bradbury Unbound (Ezekiel Crago)

  • Grace’s The Science Fiction of Phyllis Gotlieb (Adam Guzkowski)

  • Lavender III’s Black and Brown Planets (Graham Hall)  

  • Link/Canavan’s The Cambridge Companion to American Science Fiction (Carl Freedman)

  • Milburn’s Mondo Nano (Paweł Frelik) 

  • Montross’s Science Fiction, Space Travel, and Postwar Art of the Americas (Rob Latham)

  • Shanahan’s Philosophy and Blade Runner (Jeffrey Hicks)

  • Tanaka’s Apocalypse in Japanese Science Fiction (Peter Y. Paik)   


  • Sawyer Seminar Year Begins at UCR (Sherryl Vint)

  • The SF Music of Steve Reich (Conor Reid)

  • Tracing the New Wave (Michael Butterworth) 

  • Triffid Alley (David Ketterer)    

  • CFP: H.G. Wells Society (Paul Malcolm Allen)  

  • UCR Hires New SF Librarian (Alison Scott)          

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