Science Fiction Studies

#132 = Volume 44, Part 2 = July 2017


Edited by Sara Martín and Fernando Ángel Moreno

  • Fernando Ángel Moreno and Cristina Pérez. An Overview of Spanish Science Fiction

  • Symposium on Spanish SF 

  • Sara Martín and Fernando Ángel Moreno. A Bibliography and Filmography of Spanish SF    


  • Terry Harpold. Roman Scientifique and its Discontents: Stableford’s The Plurality of Imaginary Worlds: The Evolution of French Roman Scientifique

  • Jeff Hicks. The Return of the End of the World: Voigts/Voller’s Dystopia, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalypse, Cojocaru’s Violence and Dystopia, Mazurek’s A Sense of Apocalypse, and Hicks’s The Post-Apocalyptic Novel in the Twenty-First Century


  • Díez/Moreno’s Historia y antología de la ciencia ficción española (Mike Gomez)

  • López-Pellisa’s Patologías de la realidad virtual (Dale Knickerbocker)

  • Moreno’s Antología del cuento de ciencia ficción española actual (Rubén Sánchez Trigos and José Esteban Viera Betancor)           

  • Moreno’s Teoría de la literatura de ciencia ficción (Daniel Ferreras Savoye)

  • Beck’s The War of the Worlds (Nicholas Ruddick)           

  • Chan’s The Racial Horizon of Utopia (Taylor Evans)

  • Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble (Miranda Butler) 

  • Kears/Paz’s Medieval Science Fiction (Kristin Noone)    

  • Leleń’s H.G. Wells (Patrick A. McCarthy)              

  • Rieder/Dillon/Levy’s Indigenous Futurism (Victoria Miceli)        

  • Ruddick’s Science Fiction Adapted to Film (Barry Keith Grant)    

  • Sheldon’s The Child to Come (Brent Ryan Bellamy)         

  • Wythoff’s The Perversity of Things (Lisa Yaszek)              

  • Yaszek/Sharp’s Sisters of Tomorrow (Helen Merrick)     


  • Wells’s “The Country of the Blind” and Medical Models of Disability (Brenda Tyrrell)     

  • On Extro-SF and Kalpabigyan (David Ketterer)

  • On Heinlein and Detective Fiction (Patrick A. McCarthy)               

  • SF and the MLA (Lisa Swanstrom)           

  • Iraqi SF and the London Literature Festival (Sinéad Murphy)      

  • Report on a Conference in Beijing, China (Veronica Hollinger)   

  • Calls for Papers

  • Michael M. Levy (1950-2017)     

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