Science Fiction Studies

# 15 = Volume 5, Part 2 = July 1978



  • Slusser on Heinlein, Delany, Ellison, Bradbury; Mathews on Aldiss (George Edgar Slusser, The Classic Years of Robert A. Heinlein; Slusser, The Delany Intersection: Samuel R. Delany Treated as a Writer of Semi-Precious Words; Slusser, Harlan Ellison: Unrepentant Harlequin; Slusser, The Bradbury Chronicles; Richard Mathews, Aldiss Unbound: The Science Fiction of Brian W. Aldiss)(S.C. Fredericks)
  • The Gregg Press Science Fiction Series   (Fritz Leiber. Conjure Wife; A.E. van Vogt. The Players of Null-A; Brian Aldiss. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand; Theodore Sturgeon. The Cosmic Rape; Algis Budrys. Rogue Moon;. Marion Zimmer Bradley. The Sword of Aldones & The Heritage of Hastur; Samuel R. Delany. The Fall of the Towers & Triton; Thomas M. Disch. The Early Science Fiction Stories of Thomas M. Disch; Philip K. Dick. Dr. Bloodmoney: or How We Got Along After the Bomb;. Jack Vance. The Eyes of the Overworld; Robert Silverberg. To Open the Sky; Chester Anderson. The Butterfly Kid; D.G. Compton. Synthajoy; Ron Goulart. After Things Fell Apart; R.A. Lafferty. The Devil is Dead; Norman Sprinrad. The Iron Dream; Poul Anderson. The People of the Wind; Joanna Russ. The Female Man) (R.D. Mullen)


  • On Alpers on Heroic Fantasy and Nazism (Norman Spinrad)
  • A Clarification (James Gunn)
  • Work in Progress: A Suggestion (David M. Samuelson)
  • The Maturing of the Genre (Donald M. Hassler)
  • On Accidentals (R.D. Mullen)

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