Science Fiction Studies

#32 = Volume 11, Part 1 = March 1984



  • David Y. Hughes. Recent Wells Studies (Roslyn D. Haynes. H.G. Wells: Discoverer of the Future. The Influence of Science on His Thought; John Huntington. The Logic of Fantasy. H.G. Wells and Science Fiction; Peter Kemp. H. G. Wells and the Culminating Ape; John R. Reed. The Natural History of H.G. Wells)
  • Robert M. Philmus. Undertaking Stapledon (Leslie A. Fiedler. Olaf Stapledon: A Man Divided; John Kinnaird. Olaf Stapledon; Patrick A. McCarthy. Olaf Stapledon)


  • The View from Starmont House (Donald M. Hassler. Hal Clement; Eric S. Rabkin. Arthur C. Clarke; Gary K. Wolfe. David Lindsay; Jane Branham Weedman. Samuel Delany) (Peter Fitting)


  • Professor Kagarlitsky "Disciplined" (Patrick Parrinder)
  • Embarrassing Reference (Darko Suvin)
  • Hallowe'en and Cinematic Trickery in E.T. (David Ketterer and Andrew Gordon)
  • Peter Fitting on the Borgo Press: Two Reactions and a Note on SFS's Reviewing Policy (Robert Reginald, David Mogen, Peter Fitting, RMP)
  • A Case for Uncertainty (Donald M. Hassler)A Demand for the "Social Sciences Perspective" (Harold Lee Prosser, RMP)
  • The First Orwell Conference (Paul Schlueter)
  • Utopian Social Control (MA) 

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