Science Fiction Studies

#33 = Volume 11, Part 2 = July 1984


Franz Rottensteiner. Paul Scheerbart, Fantast of "Otherness"

Patrick A. McCarthy. Zamyatin and the Nightmare of Technology

Louis Tremaine. Historical Consciousness in Stapledon and Malraux

Nancy Steffen-Fluhr. Women and the Inner Game of Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Clayton Koelb. The Language of Presence in Varley's "The Persistence of Vision"

Marie Maclean. Metamorphoses of the Signifier in "Unnatural" Languages

John L. Grigsby. Herbert's Reversal of Asimov's Vision Reassessed: Foundation's Edge and God Emperor of Dune

Remi-Maure. Science Fiction in Chile

John Bell. The Persistence of Division


Fredric Jameson. Science Fiction and the German Democratic Republic (Horst Heidtmann. Utopisch-phantastische Literatur in der DDR: Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung eines unterhaltungsliterarischen Genres von 1945-1979).

Douglas Barbour. Crown's Classics of Modern Science Fiction (Philip José Farmer. The Classic Philip José Farmer. 1952-1964; James Gunn. The Joy Makers; Chad Oliver. The Shores of Another Sea; Eric Frank Russell. Men, Martians and Machine).

Robert M. Philmus.  New Possibilities for Research on Science Fiction (Hal W. Hall, comp. Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Index Volume 3;. Science/Fiction Collections: Fantasy, Supernatural & Weird Tales; The Science Fiction Magazines. A Bibliographical Checklist of Titles and Issues; New England Science Fiction Association. The N.E.S.F.A. Index to the Science Fiction Magazines and Original Anthologies 1982)


Hollow's Against the Night, the Stars: The Science Fiction of Arthur C. Clarke  (Eric Rabkin)

Clareson's Silverberg (Gary K. Wolfe)

Collings's Piers Anthony (Peter A. Brigg)

Pierce's A Literary Symbiosis (Brian Attebery)

Strangers to Fiction(Peter Nichols, ed. The Science in Science Fiction; Eugene M. Emme, ed. Science Fiction and Space Futures Past and Present; Rex Malik, ed. Future Imperfect. Science Fact and Science Fiction) (Richard Dwyer)

A Bibliographical Survey of "Conjectural Genres"  (Henri Delmas & Alain Julian. Le rayon SF. Catalogue bibliographique de science-fiction, utopies, voyages extraordinaires) (Sophie Beaulé)


From "RVOG" to VOR: A Coded Message from James Blish (David Ketterer)

Innocence Unrewarded: A Note on E. T. and the Myth of Adolescence (Anthony Magistrate)

A Dialogue on Science Fiction Dialogues (Gary K. Wolfe & Patrick Parrinder)

A New French Journal (MA)

Colloquially Speaking (RMP)

Proposal for a Literature and Science Society (Lance Schacterle)

Literature and Science: A Bibliography (Walter Schatzberg)

Another SF Conference at Nice (Denise Terrel)

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