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Science Fiction Studies is published three times a year (March, July, November) by SF-TH Inc. at DePauw University. The Science Fiction Studies Website publishes abstracts of all articles, as well as the full texts of all reviews, historical documents, and selected essays appearing in the journal since its founding in 1973 by R.D. Mullen. Full texts of articles are posted only after an issue has been sold out.

SFS # 151

Regina Y. Lee on Orogeny, Anger, and the Anthropocene in N.K. Jemisin’s

The Fifth Season; Spencer Adams on Speculation and

Submersion in Delany; Simona Bartolotta on Chance and the Dismantling of

Anthropocentrism in Stanisław Lem’s Fiction; Weronika Łaszkiewicz on Analyzing Humanity’s Fate

Beyond the Anthropocene in the Works of Sheri S. Tepper; Tomás Vergara on Postcapitalist

Value in Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future; Dihao Zhou on Immunity,

Information, and Reflexive Futurity in Ye Yonglie’s Outbreak

Narratives; Haerin Shin on Intentional Patiency as Reciprocation in

Computational Creativity.



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