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Stanislaw Lem



Review Pages

Notes and Correspondence

  • SFS #2
  • SFS #5
    • Our Review Policy (RDM)
    • A Response to Mr. Lem (Damon Knight)
  • SFS #12
    • On the Ouster of Stanislaw Lem from the SFWA
      • Brian W. Aldiss. What Dark Non-Literary Passions
      • Stanislaw Lem. Looking Down on Science Fiction [from Atlas]
      • Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski. How It Happened: A Chronology
      • Pamela Sargent. Why It Happened: Comments and Conclusions
      • George Zebrowski. Why It Happened: Some Notes and Opinions
      • Jack Dann, Gregory Benford. Letters on the Affair
      • Andrew Offutt (President of SFWA). How It Happened: One Bad Decision Leading to Another
      • R.D. Mullen. I Could Not Love Thee, Dear, So Much
  • SFS #13
    • On the Lem Affair (James Gunn)
    • On Lem on Cosmology and SF (Gregory Benford)
  • SFS #14
    • The Lem Affair (continued)
      • Philip K. Dick. A Clarification
      • Pamela Sargent. A Suggestion
      • Darko Suvin. What Lem Actually Wrote: A Philologico-Ideological Note
  • SFS #69
    • To Set the Record Straight (Franz Rottensteiner)
    • In Response to Franz Rottensteiner (Stanislaw Lem)
  • SFS #73
    • To the Editors (Stanislaw Lem)  
  • SFS #77
    • New Format for a Long-Running Magazine (Franz Rottensteiner)
  • SFS #83
    • Stanislaw Lem: A Moralist Who Doesn’t Moralize (Peter Haffner)
  • SFS 100
    • Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) [ICR]
  • SFS #137

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