Science Fiction Studies

#64 = Volume 21, Part 3 = November 1994



The CD-Rom Edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. The note appearing here in our July issue, though correct when written, was erroneous when published, plans having changed. The CD-Rom, incorporating numerous corrections, will be issued in the near future by Grolier Electronic (Sherman Turnpike, Danbury CT 06816) and will be updated on a quarterly basis. Details as to prices are not yet final. Inquiries may also be directed to John Clute, 221 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7BU, UK, whose on-line address is JCLUTE@CIX.COMPULINK.CO.UK.


A New Canadian Sf Journal. The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Fiction came into existence with an issue dated Summer 1993. The annual subscription rate is $20 Canadian or American (the exchange difference covers the additional costs of postage to the U.S.). Subscriptions, inquiries, or contributions, including artwork, should be addressed to James M. Botte, Editor-in-Chief, 112 Monterey Drive, Nepean, Ontario, Canada, K2H 7AB.                

A flyer describes the journal as “A quarterly featuring Great Stories, News, Reviews, Articles, Essays, and Poetry by Canadians, with a distinctly Canadian slant, or of General interest to everyone who Reads or Writes Speculative Literature.” As for the two handsomely produced and illustrated issues that I have seen (Volume 1, numbers 1 and 2), the twelve pages of the first jump to 52 in the second.  Notable in the second issue is an interview with William Gibson and the inauguration of Jean-Louis Trudel's “News from the French Quarter” column devoted to Canadian sf written in French.                

The cumbersome journal title is to become a subtitle once a catchier main title (the subject of a current competition) has been found.—David Ketterer, Concordia University.


A New Verne Society Established. A new North American Jules Verne Society (NAJVS) has recently been founded and is seeking members. The goals of the Society are “to promote interest in Jules Verne and his writings, to provide a forum for the interchange of information and materials about and/or relating to Jules Verne and his works, to stimulate Jules Verne research, to publish a newsletter on Jules Verne and Society related issues [called Extraordinary Voyages, now in its third issue and published 6 times per year], and to encourage and foster collecting and other Jules Verne related activities among Society members.” The president of NAJVS is Arthur Edwards (62 Barham Avenue, North Quincy, MA 02171). Annual membership dues (July l-June 3O) are US$20.00, payable by money order or check, and should be sent to NAJVS, c/o Dana Eales, 2447 Delta Drive, Uniontown, OH 44685.


The Science Fiction Foundation has completed the reorganization that began in 1992. Its Collection (17,000 fiction books, 1,500 reference items, several thousand magazines and fanzines) is now housed at the University of Liverpool. For information on consulting the collection, or making donations to it, write Foundation Collection, Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, PO Box 123, Liverpool L69 3DA, UK.
                Subscription orders for Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction should be addressed to Foundation Journal, c/o New Worlds, 71 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0AA, UK. The price for three issues mailed to the USA is $20.00 ($25.00 via air mail). Editorial communications should be sent to Dr Edward James, Foundation, University of York, The King's Manor, York YO1 2EP, UK.


A Booklet on a Machen Exhibit. A small book with a long title, “...a little causerie about things in general...”: Arthur Machen's  Notes in Montgomery Evans' Set of The Carleton Edition of the Works of Arthur Machen, with an introduction by Donald M. Hassler, has been published by Kent State University Press, Kent, OH 44242. The price is $5.00.

Apologies. My apologies to Sue Strong Hassler, co-author of Arthur Machen and Montgomery Evans, for citing her first name in the July issue (#63) as Susan (21:241).                

My apologies also to readers nonplussed by the sentence “Up to the Summer 1929 issue of Amazing Stories Quarterly (now edited by T. O'Conor there was no story in the sf magazines involving an actual time-travel paradox, ...” (21:282). It should have read “...Quarterly (now edited by T. O'Conor Sloane) there was....” This error can be blamed on the Porlockians.—RDM.

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