Volume 12, Number 1

Fall 2020


Thomas Doran. Native American Ethology and Animal Protectionist Rhetoric in the Long Enlightenment [.PDF] [Abstract]

Glen S. Close. Screening Slaughter. The Repressed Politics and Troubled Aesthetics of Gabriel Serra Argüello’s La Parka (2013) [.PDF] [Abstract]

Ann Marie McKinnon. Herding Community: Entanglement in Of Horses and Men [.PDF] [Abstract]

Catherine Nash. Kinship of Different Kinds: Horses and People in Iceland [.PDF] [Abstract]

Andrea Petitt and Alice J. Hovorka. Women and Cattle “Becoming-With” in Botswana [.PDF] [Abstract]

Ann-Sofie Lönngren. “That’s when he comes rushing into her life.” Swedish Literary Depictions of Human-Animal Sexual Contact at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century [.PDF] [Abstract]

Kuura Irni. Queering Multispecies Bonding: Reading Donna Haraway’s Dog Stories as Queer Feminism [.PDF] [Abstract]

Graham Huggan. Affective animals: Transspecies Encounters in Modern British Animal Writing [.PDF] [Abstract]


Jocelyne Porcher and Jean Estebanez, eds., Animal Labor: A New Perspective on Human-Animal Relations (Boria Sax) [.PDF]

Ivan Kreilkamp, Minor Creatures: Persons, Animals, and the Victorian Novel (Michelle M. Taylor) [.PDF]

Amy Ratelle, Animality and Children’s Literature and Film (Amanda Monteleone) [.PDF]

Megan H. Glick, Infrahumanisms: Science, Culture, and the Making of Modern Non/Personhood (Katie Warczak) [.PDF]

Caroline Hovanec, Animal Subjects: Literature, Zoology, and British Modernism (Zoe Hughes) [.PDF]

Jason M. Colby, Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean’s Greatest Predator (Nigel Rothfels) [.PDF]

Katherine M. Quinsey, ed. Animals and Humans: Sensibility and Representation, 1650-1820 (Courtney Wennerstrom) [.PDF]




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