Volume 10, Number 2

Spring 2019

Special Issue: Decolonizing Human-Animal Studies

Guest Edited by Robert Geroux

Robert Geroux. Introduction to the Special Issue [.PDF]

Danielle Taschereau Mamers. Human-Bison Relations as Sites of Settler Colonial Violence and Decolonial Resurgence [.PDF] [Abstract]

Kelsey Dayle John. Animal Colonialism—Illustrating Intersections between Animal Studies and Settler Colonial Studies through Diné Horsemanship [.PDF] [Abstract]

Luba Stephania Kozak . Reclaiming Indigenous Identity through Animal Advocacy In Art: Adrian Stimson and Dana Claxton [.PDF] [Abstract]

Ryan A. Koons. Becoming Avian in the Anthropocene: Performing the Feather Dance and the Owl Dance at Pvlvcekolv [.PDF] [Abstract]

Adam J. Fix, Hugh Burnam, and Ray Gutteriez. Toward Interspecies Thinking as a Collaborative Concept: Autoethnographies at the Intersection of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Animal Studies [.PDF] [Abstract]

Other Articles

Christian Gundermann. Equine/Human Lyme Embodiments: Towards a Feminist Ecology of Entangled Becomings. [.PDF] [Abstract]

Elizabeth Vander Meer. Returning to Wild? Four lions’ journey from circus to “sanctuary.” [.PDF] [Abstract]

Garrett Bunyak. Will Curiosity® Kill the Cat?: Technoscience and Free Living Cats “Down Under” [.PDF] [Abstract]

Review Essays

Carol Gigliotti. Another Word for Home (Roger Thompson, No Word for Wilderness: Italy’s Grizzlies and the Race to Save the Rarest Bears on Earth) [.PDF]

Justin Donhauser. Endangered Species and Intrinsic Value: A Virtue-Centered Approach (Ian A. Smith, The intrinsic value of endangered species) [.PDF]


Mathilde Cohen and Yoriko Otomo, eds. Making Milk: The Past, Present, and Future of our Primary Food (Laura Wright) [.PDF]

Jay Geller. Bestiarium Judaicum: Unnatural Histories of the Jews (Joela Jacobs) [.PDF]

Diana L. Ahmad. Success Depends on the Animals: Emigrants, Livestock, and Wild Animals on the Overland Trails, 1840–1869 (Kelly Erby) [.PDF]



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