Volume 3, Number 1

Fall 2011


Peter Heymans. Eating Girls: Deleuze and Guattari’s Becoming-Animal and the Romantic Sublime in William Blake’s Lyca Poems [.PDF][Abstract]

Jeffrey Karnicky. Ornithological Biography, Animal Studies, and Starling Subjectivity [.PDF][Abstract]

Nikki Savvides. “Loving-knowing” women and horses: Symbolic connections, real life conflicts and “natural horsemanship” [.PDF][Abstract]

Emmanuel Gouabault, Annik Dubied, Claudine Burton-Jeangros. Genuine Zoocentrism or Dogged Anthropocentrism? On the Personification of Animal Figures in the News [.PDF][Abstract]


Richard J. King, Lobster & Elisabeth Townsend, Lobster: A Global History (Ellen Bayer) [.PDF]

Laura Brown, Homeless Dogs and Melancholy Apes: Humans and Other Animals in the Modern Literary Imagination (Joan Gordon) [.PDF]

Sherryl Vint,  Animal Alterity: Science Fiction and the Question of the Animal (Susan McHugh) [.PDF]

Jussi Parikka, Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (Graham J. Murphy) [.PDF]

Kelly Oliver, Animal Lessons: How They Teach Us to Be Human (Samantha Noll) [.PDF]

Jocelyne Porcher, Vivre avec les animaux: une utopie pour le xxie siécle (Boria Sax) [.PDF]



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