How touch communicates distinct emotions in adulthood

In this series of studies, we're interested in investigating how distinct emotions are communicated via touch from one person to another. The picture to the left was taken when the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation visted the lab to recreate one of our studies for a documentary on touch.





How infants use emotional expressions to learn about the world

Do adults' momentary emotional displays influence infants? We are interested to see how adults' emotional expressions impact how infants understand the world around them. Every day, infants encounter objects and situations about which they know little about. Around the end of the first year of life, infants begin to use the emotional displays of an adult to help them predict how they should behave and think about ambiguous objects and situations.



How nonverbal cues predict life outcomes

Do nonverbal cues predict anything about our later lives? We are in the process of identifying a number of nonverbal cues that predict a variety of important life outcomes such as divorce, personality, health, and job satisfaction.

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