Science Fiction Studies

#10 = Volume 3, Part 3 = November 1976





  • A Bibliography and 49 Reprints (Neil Barron, ed. Anatomy of Wonder. Science Fiction) (R.D. Mullen)
  • The SF Reprint Series: Scholarship and Commercialism (David Russen. Iter Lunare: Or, A Voyage to the Moon; C.I. Defontenay. Star (Psi Cassiopeia);   Man Abroad: A Yarn of Some Other Century. Frank R. Stockton. The Science Fiction of Frank R. Stockton: An Anthology; Robert Cromie. A Plunge into Space; John Munro. A Trip to Venus; Stanley Waterloo. Armageddon: A Tale of Love, War, and Invention; Ellsworth Douglas. Pharoah's Broker: Being the Very Remarkable Experiences in Another World of Isador Werner (Written by Himself); Joseph Conrad and Ford M. Hueffer [i.e. Ford Madox Ford). The Inheritors: An Extravagant Story;  H.G. Wells. The Sea Lady: A Tissue of Moonshine; David G. Hartwell and L.W. Currey, eds. The Battle of the Monsters and Other Stories: An Anthology of American Science Fiction; Leonard Kip, "'The Secret of Appollonius Septrio"; Robert W. Chambers, "The Repairer of Reputations"; W.C. Morrow, "The Monster-Maker"; Morgan Robertson. "The Battle of the Monsters";  Jack London, "A Thousand Deaths";   Simon Newcomb, "The End of the World"; Rowan Stevens, "The Battle for the Pacific: Sorakichi--Prometheus"; William J. Henderson, "Harry Borden's Naval Monster: A Ship of the Air" ;  George Locke. Worlds Apart.; W.S. Lach-Szyrma, "Letters from the Planets";  John Fleming Wilson, "The Rejected Planet"; Geo. C. Wallis, "The Great Sacrifice" ; George Parsons Lathrop, "In the Deep of Time"; Bertram Atkey, "The Strange Case of Alan Moraine";  Ellsworth Douglas and Edwin Pallander, "The Wheels of Dr Ginochio Gyves"; George Allan England. "A Message from the Moon";  Owen Oliver, "The Black Shadow";  George Griffith, "Stories of Other Worlds"   William Hope Hodgson. The Boats of the "Blen Carrig"; The House on the Borderland; The Ghost Pirates; The Nightland: A Love Tale; George Allan England. The Air Trust; Victor Rousseau [i.e. V.R. Emanuel]. The Sea Demons; Erle Cox. Out of the Silence; S. Fowler Wright. The World Below;  John Taine [i.e. Eric Temple Bell]. The Iron Star; J.M. Walsh. Vandals of the Void; Philip Wylie. The Murderer Invisible; Friedrich Mader. Distant Worlds; Olaf Stapledon. Last Men in London; Eden Phillpotts. Saurus; Thomas Calvert McClary. Rebirth: When Everyone Forgot;  John W. Campbell, Jr. Who Goes There?: Seven Tales of Science Fiction.; Cloak of Aesir; Jack Finney. The Body Snatchers; Philip K. Dick. Solar Lottery; Paul Anderson. War of the Wing-Men; Theodore Sturgeon. Venus Plus X.; Fritz Leiber. The Big Time; Daniel F. Galouye. Dark Universe; Jack Vance; Brian W. Aldiss. Hothouse; Samuel R. Delany. The Jewels of Aptor; Roger Zelazny. The Dream Master; Alexi Panshin. Rite of Passage; Michael Moorcock. The Final Programme; Joanna Russ. Alyx;  D.G. Compton. The Steel Crocodile; James Tiptree, Jr. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home; Thomas M. Disch. 334; Norman Spinrad, ed. Modern Science Fiction; R.D. Mullen and Darko Suvin, eds. Science-Fiction Studies: Selected Articles ) (Joe Sanders)


  • Two Essays SFS Would Have Liked To Published (R.D. Mullen)
  • That Early Coinage of "Science Fiction" (Sam Moskowitz)
  • That Little Earnest Book in Foundation (R.D. Mullen)
  • SFS in Quarber Merkur (R.D. Mullen)
  • Three Special Issues on Utopian Fiction (Marc Angenot)
  • Notes on Various Matters by Various Hands.

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