Science Fiction Studies

#141 = Volume 47, Part 2 = July 2020



  • Nicole Lobdell. Never Dead: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Davison/ Mulvey-Roberts’s Global Frankenstein and Saggini/Soccio’s Transmedia Creatures: Frankenstein’s Afterlives

  • Steven Shaviro. Money for Nothing. Higgins/O’Connell’s special issue of NR: The New Centennial Review on Speculative Finance/Speculative Fiction


  • Barclay/Tidwell’s Gender and Environment in SF (Lisa Swanstrom)

  • Butcher’s Jules Verne, The Biography (Marie-Hélène Huet)

  • Cole’s H.G. Wells and the Twentieth Century (Nicholas Ruddick)

  • Edwards’s Utopia and the Contemporary Novel (Paul Kincaid)

  • Engélibert’s Fabuler la fin du monde (Amy J. Ransom)

  • King/Page’s Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America (James Krause)

  • McGrath’s A Ballardian Anthology 2019 (Rob Latham)

  • Micali’s Towards a Posthuman Imagination(Alberto Iozzia)

  • Milner’s Essays in Cultural Materialism (Carl Freedman)

  • Nally’s Steampunk (Rachel A. Bowser)

  • Ransom/Grace’s Canadian SF, Fantasy, and Horror (Moritz Ingwersen)

  • Rees/Morus’s special issue of Osiris on Science Fiction and the History of Science (Chad Andrews)

  • Spiegel’s Die Utopie im nichtfictionalen Film (Peter Seyferth)

  • Telotte’s Movies, Modernism, and the SF Pulps (Rick Cousins)


  • Synthetic Sexuality, Plastic Futurity (Lisa Swanstrom)

  • Special Issue of English Language Notes on Horror (Kelly Hurley)

  • Calls for Papers and Contributions

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