Science Fiction Studies

#142 = Volume 47, Part 3 = November 2020

SFS SYMPOSIUM. Thinking Through the Pandemic                                                                       



  • Ayanni C.H. Cooper. The Children Are (In) The Future: Castro/Clark’s Child and Youth Agency in Science Fiction: Travel, Technology, Time


  • Broderick’s The Time Machine Hypothesis (James Hamby)

  • Campbell’s Young Adult Dystopia Literature and SF (Brittany Tomin)

  • Cheyne’s Disability, Literature, and Genre (Brenda Tyrrell)

  • Delany’s Letters from Amherst (Carl Freedman)

  • Grigg’s SF and the Imitation of the Sacred (Nathan Fredrickson)

  • Jones’s Joanna Russ (Joan Gordon)

  • Markley’s Kim Stanley Robinson (Brent Ryan Bellamy)

  • Milburn’s Respawn (Paweł Frelik)

  • Morgan/Palmer-Patel’s Sideways in Time (Suparno Banerjee)

  • Pinson/Prévost’s Jules Verne et la culture médiatique (Arthur B. Evans)

  • Power’s Contemporary European SF Cinemas (Paweł Frelik)

  • Roberts’s Publishing and the SF Canon (Terry Harpold)

  • Saunders’s Imagined Futures: Writing, Science, and Modernity in the To-Day and To-Morrow Book Series, 1923-31 (Patrick Parrinder)

  • Stanley’s Approaches to Teaching Octavia E. Butler (Phoenix Alexander)

  • Tatsumi’s Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies, Vol. III, Science Fiction and Cyber Culture (Nathaniel Isaacson)

  • Westfahl’s The Rise and Fall of American Science Fiction from the 1920s to the 1960s (Chad Andrews)


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