Science Fiction Studies

#7 = Volume 2, Part 3 = November 1975




  • The Gregg Press Science Fiction Series (George Tucker. A Voyage to the Moon: With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy, of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians. By Joseph Atterley [Narrator]; Mary W. Shelley. Tales and Stories; Richard Adams Locke. The Moon Hoax: or, A Discovery That the Moon Has a Vast Population of Human Beings; Mary Griffith. Three Hundred Years Hence; Mary E. Bradley Lane. Mizora: A Prophecy. A Mss. Found Among the Private Papers of Princess Vera Zarovitch; Being a true and faithful account of her Journey to the Interior of the Earth, with a careful description of the Country and Its Inhabitants, their Customs, Manners and Government. Written by Herself. [In the Cincinnati Commercial]; Chauncey Thomas. The Crystal Button; or, Adventures of Paul Prognosis in the Forty-Ninth Century; William N. Harben. The Land of the Changing Sun; Jules Verne. An Antarctic Mystery; Charles Romyn Dake. A Strange Discovery; Jack London. The Science Fiction of Jack London: An Anthology; Van Tassel Sutphen. The Doomsman; G. McLeod Windsor. Station X; Eugene Zamiatin. We; Edmond Hamilton. The Horror on the Asteroid and Other Stories of Planetary Horror. [Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, Astounding Stories, Wonder Stories 1926-35]; Thea von Harbou. Metropolis; Olaf Stapledon. To the End of Time; H.G. Wells. Things to Come; Karel Capek. War with the Newts; Alfred Bester. The Stars My Destination; Walter M. Miller, Jr. A Canticle for Leibowitz) (R.D. Mullen)
  • The SF Writer as a Young Man (Isaac Asimov. Before the Golden Age; Isaac Asimov. The Early Asimov; Lester del Rey. Early del Rey; Jack Williamson. The Early Williamson) (R.D. Mullen)
  • The Garland Library of Science Fiction (J.D. Beresford. The Hampdenshire Wonder; Olaf Stapledon. Odd John; Karel Capek. The Absolute at Large; Charles Fort. The Book of the Damned; New Lands; Lo!;  Wild Talents; E.E. "Doc" Smith. The Skylark of Space; Skylark Three; Skylark of Valeron; Skylark Duquesne; Otto Willi Gail. The Shot Into Infinity; Stanton A. Coblentz. After 12,000 Years; Hidden World; Ray Cummings. Tarrano the Conqueror; Neil R. Jones. Planet of the Double Sun; John Taine. The Time Stream; Jack Williamson. The Legion of Space; Jack Williamson. Darker Than You Think; A.E. van Vogt. Slan; L. Ron Hubbard. Final Blackout; George O. Smith. Venus Equilateral;   Henry Kuttner. Mutant; George U. Fletcher. The Well of the Unicorn; Cordwainer Smith. You Will Never Be the Same; Alfred Bester. The Demolished Man; Theodore Sturgeon. More Than Human; Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. Wolfbane; Philip José Farmer. Night of Light; The Maker of Universes; H. Beam Piper. Space Viking; Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen; Roger Zelazny. Four for Tomorrow; This Immortal; Edgar Pangborn. Davy; Ursula K. Le Guin. Rocannon's World; Planet of Exile;   City of Illusions; Samuel R. Delany. The Einstein Intersection;  R.A. Lafferty. Past Master; Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock in Spite of Himself) (R.D. Mullen)
  • Gift Books for Bradburians, Burroughsians, and All Fans (William F. Nolan. The Ray Bradbury Companion; Irwin Porges. Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan; Jacques Sadoul. 2000 A.D.; Illustrations from the Golden Age of Science; James Gunn. Alternate Worlds: The Illustrated History of SF Fiction Pulps) (R.D. Mullen)


  • James Blish, 1921-1975 (Darko Suvin )
  • A Book on Philip K. Dick; The NESFA Index (R.D. Mullen)
  • A New journal (Patrick Parrinder)
  • Moskowitz on P. Schuyler Miller (R.D. Mullen)
  • A Special Issue of SFS on SF Before Wells? (Darko Suvin)

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