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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/28/19 4:59 am8/28/19 4:59 amIndiana St.Suspicious ActivitySubjects Located/ Checked Okay
8/27/19 4:50 am8/27/19 4:50 amDelta UpsilonFire AlarmAlarm Reset Prior to Officer and GFD Arrival/ No Source Located Verbal Warning Issued
8/27/19 12:26 am8/27/19 12:26 amHanna/Jackson Sts.Assist GPD-/ Hazard- Subjects in RoadwaySubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
8/26/19 7:46 pm8/26/19 Seminary St.Bias Incident- Perceived Harassment Motivated by RaceUnder Investigation/ Forwarded to Bias Incident Response Team
8/26/19 4:45 pm8/26/19 4:45 pmPi Beta PhiFire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction/ Alarm Reset
8/26/19 4:37 pm8/24/19 8:00 am405 S Jackson St.Suspicious Persons- Delayed ReportUnder Investigation
8/26/19 9:06 am8/26/19 7:37 amLocust St.Suspicious Activity- Delayed ReportReport Filed/ Forwarded to Facilities Management
8/25/19 6:21 pm8/25/19 6:21 pm109 W. Hanna #1Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
8/25/19 8:30 am8/24/19 Stewart PlazaMedicalTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Student Academic Life and Auxiliary Services
8/25/19 3:15 am8/25/19 3:15 amHumbert HallFire AlarmDue to Use of Personal Care Products/ Alarm Reset