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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
2/15/20 11:53 pm2/15/20 11:53 pmPeeler LawnSuspicious PersonSubject Located/ Checked Okay
2/15/20 9:43 pm2/15/20 9:43 pmPhi Kappa PsiParty Registration ViolationForwarded to IFC/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/15/20 11:29 am2/15/20 11:29 am500 S. Jackson Sts.Fire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction Forwarded to Facilities Management/ Alarm Reset
2/15/20 10:48 am2/15/20 10:48 am500 S Jackson St.Fire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction/ Alarm Reset
2/15/20 1:24 am2/15/20 1:24 amSeminary/Locust Sts. Welfare CheckSubject Checked Okay/ Released
2/15/20 1:07 am2/15/20 1:07 amSeminary/Locust Sts.Assist GPD- Traffic Stop/ Alcohol ViolationForwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/15/20 12:42 am2/15/20 12:42 am500 S. Jackson St.Fire Alarm/ Drug ViolationDue to Subject Smoking Alarm Reset/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/14/20 11:55 pm2/14/20 11:55 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Suspicious ActivityOfficers Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subjects
2/14/20 10:07 pm2/14/20 10:07 pmMason HallInvestigate for Cigarette SmokeForwarded to Residence Life
2/14/20 5:38 pm2/14/20 5:38 pmBloomington St. HallFire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset