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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/15/19 1:36 am9/15/19 1:36 amAAASPro-Active Contact/Noise- Loud MusicForwarded to Residence Life to Address
9/15/19 12:54 am9/15/19 12:54 amCollege/Olive Sts.Minor in ConsumptionVisitor Released to Sober Monitor/ Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee
9/15/19 12:40 am9/15/19 12:40 amHumbert HallFire AlarmUnknown Cause/ Alarm Reset
9/14/19 11:22 pm9/14/19 11:22 pmLeis HallNoise- Loud MusicForwarded to Residence Life
9/14/19 9:54 pm9/14/19 9:54 pmBlackstock StadiumSuspicious ActivityJuveniles Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Left Premises
9/14/19 7:51 pm9/14/19 7:51 pm109 W. Hanna #2Welfare CheckSubject Located Off Campus/ Checks Okay
9/14/19 5:21 pm9/14/19 Seminary St. Apts.Drug Violation- Delayed ReportUnder Investigation
9/14/19 2:22 am9/14/19 2:22 amReavis StadiumSuspicious ActivitySubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Left Area
9/13/19 11:57 pm9/13/19 11:57 pm402 S. Indiana St.Hazard- Subjects on RoofSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
9/13/19 11:17 pm9/13/19 11:17 pmBR/Longden Lawn Drug Violation/ Alcohol Violation- Minor in ConsumptionTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee