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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
2/4/20 12:36 pm2/4/20 12:36 pmCollege/Berry Sts.Traffic Stop/ Driving While SuspendedCitation Issued/ Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office
2/4/20 2:43 am2/4/20 2:43 amHogate HallMedical Ambulance Dispatched Transported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Student Academic Life
2/4/20 12:10 am2/4/20 12:10 amIndiana St.Alcohol Violation- Open ContainerSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
2/3/20 10:59 pm2/3/20 10:59 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckGPD Took Call
2/3/20 4:30 am2/3/20 4:30 amBloomington/ Seminary Sts.Assist GPD- Disorderly ConductGPD Took Call
2/3/20 1:43 am2/3/20 1:43 am503 S. Jackson St.Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
2/2/20 7:34 pm2/2/20 7:34 pmAlpha Tau OmegaFire AlarmUnknown Cause/ Alarm Reset
2/2/20 3:14 pmunknown Locust St. Apts.Welfare CheckSubject Located Off Campus/ Checked Okay
2/2/20 10:56 am2/2/20 10:56 amPi Beta PhiFire AlarmDue to Use of Personal Care Products/ Alarm Reset
2/2/20 4:04 am2/2/20 4:04 amBeta Theta PiAlcohol ViolationAmbulance Dispatched Released to Sober Monitor/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee