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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
6/9/19 1:46 am6/9/19 1:46 amAlpha Tau OmegaSuspicious ActivityOfficer Checked Building/ Checked Okay
6/9/19 1:27 am6/9/19 1:27 amLucy Rowland HallNoise- Loud MusicOfficer Made Contact with Resident/ Verbal Warning Issued
6/8/19 6:29 pm6/8/19 Elm/Central Sts.Property Damage to VehicleReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
6/8/19 2:24 pm6/8/19 2:24 pmCCM StepsMischief- Juveniles on SkateboardsOfficer Located Subjects Off Campus/ Checked Okay
6/7/19 11:12 pm6/7/19 11:12 pmBurkhart WalkPersonal Injury AccidentTransported to Hospital/ Report Filed Closed Pending Additional Information
6/7/19 2:36 am6/7/19 2:36 pmCCM LandingSuspicious Persons/ False Informing/ TrespassSubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued Left Premises/ Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office
6/5/19 11:14 pm6/5/19 11:14 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subjects
6/5/19 4:20 pm6/5/19 4:20 pmLucy Rowland HallFire AlarmDue to Construction/ Alarm Reset
6/5/19 3:27 pm6/5/19 3:27 pmPhi Delta ThetaFire AlarmDue to Construction/ Alarm Reset
6/4/19 1:31 am6/4/19 1:31 amRector Village LawnSuspicious Person/ TrespassSubject Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Left Premises