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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
6/22/20 1:11 am6/22/20 1:11 amOff CampusAssist GPD- TrespassSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Left Premises
6/21/20 11:33 pm6/21/20 11:33 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckTransported to Hospital
6/21/20 11:23 pm6/21/20 11:23 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Physical AltercationGPD Took Call
6/21/20 4:41 pm6/21/20 4:41 pm500 S. Jackson St.Housing Policy ViolationForwarded to Residence Life
6/21/20 2:20 am6/21/20 2:20 amJackson St.Operating a Motor Vehicle While IntoxicatedArrested: Robert Bowman Jr. (non student)
6/20/20 10:48 am6/20/20 10:48 amNature ParkSuspicious VehicleSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Subjects Returned to Parking Lot
6/19/20 1:23 pm6/19/20 1:23 pmOff CampusAssist PCSO- Traffic StopSubjected Arrested by PCSO
6/18/20 8:47 pm6/18/20 Blackstock LotVerbal HarassmentReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
6/17/20 9:46 pm6/17/20 9:46 pmPhi Gamma DeltaFire AlarmDue to Flood from Alarm System Malfunction/ Made Contact with House Representation for Repairs Forwarded to Fraternity and Sorority Life
6/17/20 2:59 am6/17/20 2:59 amPeeler LawnSuspicious ActivityOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subjects