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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
11/16/19 1:51 pm11/16/19 1:51 pm412 Jackson St.Suspicious Persons/ Residential EntryOfficers Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subjects
11/16/19 1:45 pm11/16/19 1:45 pmMadison StreetWelfare CheckSubject Left Prior to Officer Arrival/ Officer's Checked Area Unable to Locate Subjects
11/16/19 1:45 pm11/16/19 1:45 pmBlackstock LotSexual Misconduct- VoyeurismSubject Arrested by GPD: Logan Campbell (non student)
11/16/19 1:36 pm11/16/19 1:36 pmPeeler LotMinor in Consumption (non student)Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office by GPD
11/16/19 1:34 pm11/16/19 1:34 pmBlackstock LotSuspicious BehaviorSubject Identified Verbal Warning Issued/ Subject Released
11/16/19 1:04 pm11/16/19 1:04 pmHanna St.Alcohol Violation/ MedicalTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
11/16/19 1:00 pm11/16/19 1:00 pmHanna/Jackson St.Public IntoxicationTransported to Hospital/ Subject Arrested by GPD: Danielle Smith (non student)
11/16/19 12:40 pm11/16/19 12:40 pmBlackstock LotMedicalAmbulance Dispatched/ Patient Refused Tranpsort
11/16/19 12:30 pm11/16/19 12:30 pmRoy O West LawnWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
11/16/19 12:15 pm11/16/19 12:15 pmHanna/Jackson Sts.Welfare CheckSubjects Checked Okay/ Subjects Released