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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/7/19 12:52 am9/7/19 12:52 amWarne HallWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
9/7/19 12:32 am9/7/19 12:32 amHogate HallAlcohol Violation- Minor in ConsumptionSubject Released/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/6/19 11:36 pm9/6/19 11:36 pmHumbert HallAlcohol Violation- Minor in PossessionSubject Released/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/6/19 11:17 pm9/6/19 11:17 pmLongden HallHousing Policy Violation/ Hazard- Subjects on RoofForwarded to Campus Living/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/6/19 9:28 pm9/6/19 9:28 pmAlpha Tau OmegaFire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction/ Alarm Reset
9/6/19 12:38 pm9/6/19 12:38 pmHumbert HallFire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction/ Forwarded to Facilities Management Alarm Reset
9/6/19 1:50 am9/6/19 1:50 amOff CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckSubjects Located/ Checked Okay
9/6/19 1:08 am9/6/19 1:08 am109 W. Hanna St. LotMedicalPatient Refused Ambulance/ Seeking Medical Attention on Own
9/5/19 11:18 pm9/5/19 11:18 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckOfficer's Checked Building/ Unable to Locate Subjects
9/5/19 9:03 pm9/5/19 9:03 pmHumbert HallFire AlarmDue to Use of Personal Care Products/ Alarm Reset