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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
12/11/19 10:15 pm12/11/19 10:15 pm109 W. Hanna St. #2Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
12/11/19 8:52 pm12/11/19 8:52 pmLeis HallNoise- Loud MusicForwarded to Residence Life
12/11/19 4:31 am12/11/19 4:31 amMason HallNoise-Loud PeopleForwarded to Residence Life
12/10/19 10:08 pm12/10/19 10:08 pmLocust St. LotSuspicious BehaviorSubject Located/ Checked Okay
12/9/19 1:04 pm12/9/19 1:04 pmSeminary/Indiana Sts.Assist PSCO- Traffic Stop/Welfare CheckSubject Checked Okay/ Transported to Requested Destination Off Campus
12/8/19 8:25 pm12/8/19 8:25 pmEast College LawnInvestigate for Odor of GasGFD Dispatched/ Source Located Gas Company Notified
12/8/19 3:15 pm12/8/19 3:15 pmLilly CenterTrespass-JuvenilesSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued Left Building
12/8/19 2:36 pmunknown On CampusMischief to Vehicle- Delayed ReportReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
12/8/19 1:43 pm12/8/19 1:43 pmGCPATrespassSubject Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
12/8/19 8:33 am12/8/19 On CampusBias Incident- Motivated by RaceUnder Investigation/ Forwarded to Bias Incident Response Team