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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/22/19 1:12 am5/22/19 1:12 amOn CampusSuspicious VehicleSubject Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
5/21/19 10:48 pm5/21/19 10:48 pmBeta Theta Pi LawnRecovered PropertyReturned to Owner
5/21/19 4:15 pm5/21/19 4:15 pmReese Hall Bike RackTheft of BikeReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
5/21/19 2:11 pm5/21/19 Delta Tau DeltaTrespass- Delayed ReportClosed Pending Additional Information
5/21/19 12:05 am5/21/19 12:05 amIndiana/Jackson Duplex LotSuspicious Vehicle/ TrespassSubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/ Left Premises
5/20/19 4:12 pmunknown Humbert HallTheft of Bike- Delayed ReportReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
5/20/19 2:45 pm5/20/19 2:45 pmDelta Tau DeltaWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
5/20/19 2:44 pm5/20/19 2:44 pm719 S. Locust St.Assist Campus Living- Animal ControlAnimal Control Dispatched/ Animal Recovered
5/20/19 11:59 am5/20/19 11:59 amRector Village LotTrespassVerbal Warning Issued/ Left Premises
5/20/19 11:52 am5/20/19 11:52 amChabraja HallAssist Campus Living- Recovered PropertyProperty Recovered and Disposed Of