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Early Arrival Approval Process

If you are working with students and asking them to come to campus before the dates listed below, please complete the online request below.

Students may only arrive early on campus for a specific program and on the date that you designate. If students contact our office asking to be housed earlier than your designated date, we will refer them back to you for schedules and further instructions. All requests for early arrivals should be submitted no later than July 1st, 2020.

If you have questions about the form or the process, please contact Nicci Collisi via e-mail: housing@depauw.edu

Please enter the name of the sport or program for which students will need to arrive early.

This cannot be earlier than August 9th, 2019

Please upload a detailed schedule for your early arrival program and a list of the objectives of your early program. Include a rationale for why these objectives cannot be met during New Student Orientation or the first part of the school year.

Please upload a roster of students who are expected to participate in your program.

Programs are responsible for covering the cost of meals until meal plans begin on August 16th, 2019 at dinner. Please initial below to verify that you will be covering these costs.

Program Staff

Please enter the names of those who will be staffing your program. There must be one program staff member, a full-time DePauw faculty or staff member, who will serve as a 24 -hour on-call point person who can be reached if a situation warrants. If more than one program staff member will serve in the on-call role, please send your on-call schedule separately to housing@depauw.edu

Behavioral Expectations

Campus Living and Community Development aims to work with our residents in a model of shared governance to create a positive and inclusive community within all of our living units. The success of a residential community depends on the willingness of each resident to accept responsibility for him/herself as a member of the community. All members of the residential community are expected to help maintain a clean, safe living environment.

Students with authorized early arrival are held to the policies located in the student handbook and the Campus Living and Residential Policies may be found online at http://www.depauw.edu/studentacademiclife/campusliving/campus-living-residential-policies/.

Please upload a detailed plan for the behavioral expectations you will have for your students and how you will communicate and enforce those expectations. Early arrival students documented for alleged Code of Conduct violations may be asked to leave campus and not return until classes commence and/or face more stringent Community Standards consequences.