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Global Partners Program

The Global Partners program pairs every first-year international student with an upper-class domestic student with whom they meet once a month for social and intellectual events--films, coffee, campus events, concerts, etc. The Global Partners program is a one semester commitment. These casual meetings help first-year students adjust to campus life and expose both domestic and international participants to new cultures and perspectives. Global Partners is a casual, fun opportunity to gain intercultural competency, which is essential for success in our increasingly interconnected world. If you are interested in being a Global Partner, please contact International Student Services at  



The global partner program is a great way to learn about different cultures while at the same time creating new friendships. This is not just between global partners but also with each of their friends/networks. I was a global partner for 3 years and I loved it. --- Casandra Carrillo '17

We realized we have so many things in common......I know my life would have been much worse if she had not been there for me. --- Vy Le '19

They changed my perspective a lot because I learned a lot from a person who comes from Chicago. Not only that, I also learned a lot of American culture. --- Pyi Theim Kyaw '19

I got to meet a lot of domestic students through my Global Partner......They shared their culture and I could share my culture with them.  --- Minh Hai Vu '19

Having a small connection really makes a difference. --- Erika Mori (Exchange Student)