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Connections Mentors

The Connections Mentor program is committed to providing intentional support for first year students of color specifically in their personal, social and academic transitions at DePauw University. As they prepare to navigate the university during their first year, Connections Mentors serve as a peer resource and support to assist them on their journey.


  • Provide academic, personal, and social support for first year students of color
  • Assist students with navigating the college environment and resources
  • Foster relationships between students, faculty, staff, and community members

Who is Eligible?

The Connections Mentor program are for students that self-identify as part of an underrepresented community such as African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, or Multi-Racial/Ethnic, LGBTQ or First Generation college student backgrounds.

Connections is a voluntary opt in program for those students interested in having a Mentor and who have filled out the proper paperwork will be assigned one. However, once admitted to the program, students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Participation Requirements

  • Maintain consistent contact with your Connections Mentor
  • Attend events with your Connections Mentor
  • Commit at least one semester to the program

Connections Mentor Requirements

  • Contact their assigned students prior to their arrival at DePauw
  • Introduce themselves to student and families on move-in day to establish relationships
  • Attend the Intercultural Picnic during orientation with students in their group
  • Have bi-weekly contact with mentees during the first semester
  • Host a monthly social or educational program
  • Attend orientation and training sessions prior to students arrival
  • Attend monthly Mentor group meeting 
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (semester and cumulative)

Examples of Proper Mentorships

  • Connections Mentors will write their first-year students a welcome letter to give to them when they arrive on campus.
  • Create welcome bags for incoming mentees, letter should be included in this.
  • Connections Mentors will be required to attend the Intercultural Picnic during Orientation week as well as the Activities Fair. They will also need to touch base with each of their first-year students during this time.
  • Build an meaningful support network
    • Introduce first years to upper class students
    • The Connections Mentors will be required to have at least one activity in the first week of classes with their first-year students. These events cannot include alcohol and must not violate any Community Standards.


All concerns regarding Connections Mentors or first-year students should be directed to the Director of Multicultural Student Services.