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Programs & Resources

Diversity & Identity Speakers

Diversity and identity speakers and performances are opportunities to engage with artists and scholars that focus on identity and diverse perspectives. Each year, DePauw brings speakers and artist that continue to celebrate the identities of our community and challenge us to learn more about ourselves and each other.

 Bias Incident Response Team

The role of the Bias Incident Response Team is to support the university in their current policies regarding harassment and bias incidents. BIRT investigates and respond promptly and appropriately to informational reports, documents, formal or informal meetings regarding identity-based bias incidents on campus and within the greater community against DePauw students.

Connections Mentors

The Connections Mentors program is committed to providing intentional support for first year students from underrepresented communities specifically in their personal, social and academic transitions at DePauw University. As they prepare to navigate the university during their first year, Connections Mentors aim to serve as an upperclass peer resource and support to assist them on their journey.  

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood provides men of color a safe communal space to discuss hard hitting topics that disproportionately impact their community. It also empowers men to connect with fellow constituents, faculty, staff and alumni with the goal of positively assisting in retention and matriculation of Black, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, Desi, Middle Eastern, Native/Indigenous, and Pacific Islander men at DePauw University.

Student Advisory Boards

Multicultural Student Services (MSS) currently convenes the Multicultural Student Services Advisory Board.  The advisory boards serve as an official entity that provides directions and feedback to Multicultural Student Services.  This student advisory boards discuss pertinent issues such as retention, campus climate, assessment, programs and initiatives. A minimum of two class representatives serve on this student advisory board.