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What is The Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is a campus initiatives to promote continued conversation and support with men of color on campus.


Community-The Brotherhood will work to create a community of solidarity among men of color while allowing members to reflect on their personal communities and their involvements.

Commitment-The Brotherhood will work to support it's members commitments both in and outside of the classroom.

Excellence-The Brotherhood will work to empower and educate its members to exemplify excellence as leaders in the classroom, in involvements and in life.

What students can expect from the program:

  • Monthly developmental/community meetings
  • Personal connections with faculty and staff men of color
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Supportive and challenging opportunities for men of color at DePauw to better themselves academically, socially and personally.
  • Assistance in navigating on campus resources (including Academic Support offices, Alumni networks, and Student Academic Life opportunities)