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The Writing Program

Students entering DePauw University since Fall 2012 participate in the writing program. This is a three-tiered program that begins with your First-Year Seminar. 

The second tier of the new writing program is the sophomore W course. Since 1982, we have offered W courses across the curriculum and required that students earn their writing certification in a W course. In the writing program you will be required to take a W course in your sophomore year. You may take additional W courses at other times, but we want to make sure that you have an intensive writing experience to follow up on the First-Year Seminar and to prepare for writing in your major.

Writing in the major is the third tier of the program. Each academic department defines its writing in the major requirement in a manner appropriate to that major. Some will have a single writing-intensive gateway course; others will incorporate writing into a number of 200 and 300 level courses in the major.


We also offer developmental courses in composition: ENG 110: Academic English Seminar I, ENG 115: Academic English Seminar II, and ENG 120: College Writing I.