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Civic Fellows

Civic Fellows is an elite group of 20 students who commit to engaging in civic service and advocacy for the duration of their college careers.

First Year Civic Fellow Application  2017 Click Here

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Chartered in 1997, the Civic Fellows is a unique service-based leadership development organization that aims to cultivate a lifelong commitment to engagement in civic issues.

Each year Civic Fellows' leadership selects five first-year students for membership. The program seeks a four-year commitment and requires regular attendance at meetings, participation in group service projects, and individual service. First-year students who have demonstrated an active interest in community engagement during high school are encouraged to apply in the fall. Sophomores who have expressed interest in civic engagement during their first year at DePauw are also encouraged to apply. 


  • Service Plunge - Civic Fellows and DePauw Community Service collaborate each year in planning DePauw Service Plunge for First-Year students. The Civic Fellow members each lead a group of First-Years to their specific service sites. 

  • Rake and Run - Civic Fellows annually recruits and organizes DePauw volunteers to participate in its fall leaf removal program for Greencastle residents.

  • The Giving Tree - The annual Giving Tree Project provides local community families with holiday gifts they would be unable to provide on their own. In the past DePauw departments, offices, organizations and individuals have provided gifts for over 30 community families. 

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