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Student Academic Life

Student Academic Life

Student Academic Life fulfills the University mission by advocating for the development of the whole person through partnerships that provide educational experiences to empower and support all students. As a result of their DePauw University experience, students will develop experience in the following areas in unique and meaningful ways.

Academic Excellence

  • succeed and excel in academic work, as scholars, and as members of an academic community that values life-long learning;
  • understand how problems can be understood and addressed through the lenses of multiple academic disciplines and modes of inquiry;
  • integrate curricular and co-curricular interests into an engaging academic program that prepares them to excel in their careers and their lives.

Critical and Reflective Thinking

  • consider the impact of their decisions on themselves and others;
  • make ethical decisions that are congruent with their personal values;
  • explore global issues and discuss alternative perspectives with their peers; and,
  • apply critical thinking skills and connect academic interests to life beyond the classroom.

Meaningful Relationships

  • cultivate appropriate and meaningful relationships;
  • empathize with others;
  • understand the components of healthy relationships and the indicators of unhealthy relationships; and,
  • practice civility, professionalism and responsible intervention.

Community Engagement

  • actively involve themselves within their community,
  • positively impact others;
  • practice collective responsibility through self-governance; and,
  • model and promote civic responsibility.

Intercultural Competency

  • develop flexibility and adaptability in diverse environments;
  • examine power, privilege and access as it relates to individual identity;
  • explore and understand personal intersecting identities;
  • interact, support and learn from people with different life experiences from their own; and,
  • be critically aware of cultural differences and global trends.

Personal Wellness and Growth

  • develop a sense of identity and purpose;
  • identify strategies and utilize resources to maintain personal health;
  • be resilient as they navigate successes and failures; and,
  • advocate for themselves to resolve challenges.