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As we continue to add functionality to the SSC Campus platform, additional guides and resources will be made available here.

SSC Campus is a tool to help improve our approach to interconnected, or team, approach to advising. The goal is to give our faculty and staff advisors access to better advising tools, improve persistence/graduation rates by more easily identifying students falling behind or excelling, and use data to help departments and programs better understand who is likely to encounter obstacles in our environment and where these obstacles exist.  At the same time, this approach will help us more easily connect all students to the full range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities available at DePauw.

SSC User Guides

DePauw Resources

Complete SSC User Guide  available on our YouTube Channel

SSC Update - December 2018

Homepage Overview  
- Roles
- Advisor Home 
- Professor Home 

Getting Started
- Setting Your Availability
- Appointment Constraints
- SSC Campus Calendar
- My calendar
- Viewing Calendar Details
- Manage Appointments
- Integrating Your Calendar
      Google Sync Instructions

Advising Appointments
- Appointment Scheduling
- Appointment Components
- Advising Center
- Starting a Scheduled Appointment
- Alternative Method to Starting a Scheduled Appointment
- Recording a Walk-In Advising Interaction
- Marking a Student “No-Show”
Adding a Report on Advising  
- Advising Reports - Advice on Content
- Reasons for Advising 

Student Profile Overview

Searches & Watch Lists
- Quick Search
- Advanced Search
- Saved Searches
- Watch Lists
- Finding Saved Searches & Watch Lists

Issuing an Alert

Appointment Campaigns - to help with Advising Week



Julianne Miranda  
- Role Setting
- Permissions
- Logging In
- Data Analytics

- SSC Implementation overall 

Ben Hogan
- Training

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