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Personal Property Insurance

In the event of a fire, flooding, or natural disasters, DePauw University encourages our students to acquire personal property insurance.  Unplanned events and the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by them negatively impact students and their collegiate experience. This additional layer of protection increases the likelihood of  compensation in the event of damage or loss to a student’s personal property. The level of compensation is dependent on the student’s policy and coverage.

Students are required by the University to have personal property insurance.

What is Personal Property?

Personal property is property belonging to the student that is movable and not permanently fixed to one location. Personal property includes but is not limited to:

  • Books

  • Clothes

  • Computers

  • Electronic Devices

  • Laptops

  • Musical Instruments

  • Sports Equipment

  • Televisions

Student Coverage

Students should check with their families to confirm whether their homeowners or renters insurance policy would cover their student’s personal belongings while on campus.  If the families’ coverage does not cover the student, the student may work with their preferred insurance carrier to obtain personal property insurance

Students are permitted to choose insurance companies of their own preference.  As this may be the first time students are obtaining personal property insurance, a few companies are listed below.  DePauw University is not affiliated with these companies; payment and claims will be resolved directly through the insurance company by the student.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

National Student Services, Inc.

University Coverage

The University does not cover personal property insurance for students nor does the University’s coverage extend to the students personal belongings. University insurances covers University owned facilities and property only. DePauw University assumes no financial responsibility for the loss or damage of student or guest of student’s personal property.