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Topical Chronologies and Bibliographies from Science Fiction Studies

The Early Science Journalism of H.G. Wells: A Chronological Survey (David Y. Hughes and Robert M. Philmus) #2, 1.2 (Fall 1973)

The Books and Principal Pamphlets of H.G. Wells: A Chronological Survey (R.D. Mullen). #2, 1.2 (Fall 1973)

The SF Element in the Work of Poe: A Chronological Survey (David Ketterer). #3, 1.3 (Spring 1974)

The Manuscripts and Books of Philip K. Dick (Willis E. McNelly and R.D. Mullen). # 5, 2.1 (March 1975)

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Select Bibliography (Jeff Levin). #7, 2.3 (Nov. 1975)

Jack London and His Science Fiction: An Annotated Chronological Select Bibliography (Darko Suvin and David Douglas). #9, 3.2 (July 1976)

Works on the SF of  Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance: A Select Bibliography (Darko Suvin, appended to “The Alternate Islands: A Chapter in the History of SF”) #10, 3.3 (Nov. 1976)

Themes and Uses of Fictional Utopias: A Bibliography of Secondary Works in English (Gorman Beauchamp). #11, 4.1 (Mar. 1977)

Abstracts of 92 Reviews by H.G. Wells, 1895-97 (Robert M. Philmus, appended to “H.G. Wells as Literary Critic for the Saturday Review”) #12, 4.2 (July 1977)

A Select Bibliography of the Sociology of Literature (Marc Angenot). #13, 4.3 (Nov. 1977)

“101 Books To Be Excluded from SF Bibliographies” (Darko Suvin, appended to “On What Is and Is Not an SF Narration; With a List of 101 Victorian Books That Should Be Excluded from SF Bibliographies”) #14, 5.1 (March 1978)

“Mary Shelley and Science Fiction: A Select Bibliography Selectively Annotated” (David Ketterer) #15, 5.2 (July 1978)

“A Bibliography of General Bibliographies of SF Literature” (Irina Zantovská-Murray and Darko Suvin). #16, 5.3 (Nov. 1978)

“The Books of H. Rider Haggard: A Chronological Survey” (R.D. Mullen). #16, 5.3 (Nov. 1978)

“Criticism in English of H.G. Wells Science Fiction” (David Y. Hughes). #19, 6.3 (Nov. 1979)

“Seventy-Four More Victorian Books That Should Be Excluded from Science Fiction Bibliographies” (Darko Suvin). #21, 7.2 (July 1980)

“An International Bibliography of Prehistoric Fiction” (Marc Angenot and Nadia Khouri). #23, 8.1 (March 1981)

“Uneasy Union: A Checklist of English-Language Science Fiction Concerning Canadian Separatist Conflicts” (John Bell). #26, 9.1 (Mar. 1982)

“Resources for the Study of Nuclear War in Fiction” (Paul Brians). #39, 13.2 (July 1986)

“Nuclear-War Themes in Soviet Science Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography” (Vladimir Gakov and Paul Brians). #47, 16.1 (Mar. 1989)

“Russian and Soviet Science Fiction in English Translation: A Bibliography” (Richard P. Terra and Robert M. Philmus). #54, 18.2 (July 1991)

“On Hard SF: A Bibliography” (David N. Samuelson). #60, 20.2 (July 1993)

“A Partial Secondary Bibliography for Extrapolation” (David N. Samuelson). #60, 20.2 (July 1993)

Unjustly Neglected Works of Science Fiction: A Survey (SFS editors and 35 Respondents). #61, 20.3 (Nov. 1993)

Select Bibliography” (Chris Hables Gray, appended to “‘There Will Be War!’ Future War Fantasies and Militaristic Science Fiction in the 1980s”) #64, 21.3 (Nov. 1994)

“Primary Works” and “Criticism on or by Maurice Renard ”(Arthur B. Evans, appended to “The Fantastic Science Fiction of Maurice Renard”) #64, 21.3 (Nov. 1994)

“North American College Courses in Science Fiction, Utopian Literature, and Fantasy” (Arthur B. Evans and R.D. Mullen). #70, 23.3 (Nov. 1996)

“Addenda: The Books, Authors, and Films Most Widely Assigned” (Arthur B. Evans and R.D. Mullen). #70, 23.3 (Nov. 1996)

“Some Critical Works on or by Serge Brussolo” (Roger Bozzetto and Arthur B. Evans, appended to “The Surrealistic Science Fiction of Serge Brussolo”)
#73, 24.3 (Nov. 1997)

“Jules Verne’s Voyage Extraordinaires: Illustrators and Engravers of the First Illustrated Editions” (Arthur B. Evans, appended to “The Illustrators of Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires”) #75, 25.2 (July 1998)

“Editions of Cyrano’s Works” and “Bibliography” (Sylvie Romanowski, appended to “Cyrano de Bergerac's Epistemological Bodies: ‘Pregnant with a Thousand Definitions’”) #76, 25.3 (Nov. 1998)

“SF Short Stories and Novels by Albert Robida” (Philippe Willems, appended to “A Stereoscopic Vision of the Future: Albert Robida’s Twentieth Century”) #79, 26.3 (Nov. 1999)

“Genealogy of the Hellenic Magazines of Science Fiction” (Domna Pastourmatzi, appended to “Hellenic Magazines of Science Fiction”) #79. 26.3 (Nov. 1999)

“Selected Bibiliography” (SFS editors, appended to “Dialect, Grapholect, and Story: Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker as Science Fiction” by R.D. Mullen #82, 27.3 (Nov. 2000)

“Bibliography of Gustave Le Rouge’s SF Works” and “Critical Studies on Gustave Le Rouge” (Arthur B. Evans, appended to “Gustave Le Rouge, Pioneer of Early French Science Fiction”) #86, 29.1 (March 2002)

“Towards a Reading List of the British Boom” (Andrew M. Butler). #91, 30.3 (Nov. 2003)

“Bibliography of Studies on Jules Verne’s Manuscripts” (William Butcher, appended to “Hidden Treasures: The Manuscripts of Twenty Thousand Leagues”) #95, 32.1 (Mar. 2005)

“A Bibliography of Jules Verne’s English Translations” (Arthur B. Evans). #95, 32.1 (Mar. 2005)

“The Theatrical Works of Jules Verne” (Jean-Michel Margot, appended to “Jules Verne, Playwright” ) #95, 32.1 (Mar. 2005)

“A Chronology of Latin American Science Fiction, 1775-2005” (Yolanda Molina-Gavilán, Andrea Bell, Miguel Ángel Fernández- Delgado, M. Elizabeth Ginway, Luis Pestarini, and Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo). #103, 34.3 (Nov. 2007)

“Recommended Reading” (Peter Fitting, appended to “A Short History of Utopian Studies”) #107, 36.1 (Mar. 2009)

"Milestones of Chinese Science Fiction" (Yan Wu, appended to "Introduction" the special issue on Chinese Science Fiction) #119, 40.1 (March 2013)

A Selection of Italian Science Fiction Novels and Short Stories Translated and Published in English (Arielle Saiber and Salvatore Proietti) #126, 42.2 (July 2015)

On Chinese Science Fiction: Selected Essays and Critical Pieces in English, 2015-2020 #145, 48:3 [November 2021].



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