Science Fiction Studies

H. G. Wells


Review Pages

Notes and Correspondences

  • SFS #3
    • H.G. Wells and Earlier SF (Darko Suvin)
  • SFS #5
    • The Early Science Journalism of H.G. Wells (see SFS 1:98-114): Addenda. (David Y. Hughes and Robert M. Philmus)

  • SFS #9
    • Documents in the History of Science Fiction (R.D. Mullen)
    • A New Bibliography of Wells (Patrick Parrinder)
  • SFS #18
    • Correspondence: Wells' Bibliography (J. R. Hammond, Joe Weixlmann)
  • SFS #59
    • H.G. Wells, Robert Cromie, and Literary Crime (RMP)
    • Wells, Cromie, and Verne: An Addendum (Arthur B. Evans)
  • SFS #61
    • Announcements, Corrigenda, Contributors
  • SFS #92
    • Wells on Film (John S. Partington)

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