Science Fiction Studies

#34 = Volume 11, Part 3 = November 1984


The Campbell Award

The John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best SF novel published in 1983 has been given to Gene Wolfe for The Citadel of the Autarch (Timescape Books). Second place in the competition went to John C. Batchelor for The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica (Dial Press), and third to John Sladek for Tik-Tok (Gollancz).                

The Campbell Award was instituted in 1972 by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss. This year's presentation was made at a special conference held at the University of Kansas's (relatively new) Center for the Study of Science Fiction.—RMP

Special Issues

The Missouri Review's second issue for 1984 has been wholly given over to SF. It includes short stories and excerpts from longer works by Brian Aldiss, Philip Dick, Ursula Le Guin, and others; interviews with Dick, Le Guin, and Lem; and articles on a variety of subjects. Among the latter are Lem's piece on Slonimski's Two Ends of the World along with Algis Budrys' essay on defining SF, Douglas A. Mackey's on SF and gnosticism, Timothy F. Mitchell's on SF Illustration, David Ketterer's on two books by Blish, and Louis Gallo's on "The Great Chain of Quantum Being: What the Physicists Are Telling Us."               

This handsomely produced 280-page paperback is available for only $4.00 from the Review's editors, Department of English/231 Arts & Science/University of Missouri/Columbia, MO 65211, Yearly subscriptions (three issues) cost $10.00 ($18.00 for two years).—RMP

The Montreal SF journal Imagine publishes in its issue no. 22 (1984) the proceedings of the "Boreal 1983" Colloquium. This collection of communications, discussions, and interviews testifies to the vitality and diversity of today's Québec SF. bnagine, its literary editor, Jean-Marc Gouanvic, and its editor-in-chief, Catherine Saouter Caya, play a major role in the promising development of SF in Canada.—MA

A Call for Canadian Science Fiction

Press Porcépic is looking for material suitable for an anthology of Canadian SF scheduled for release in the fall of 1985. Preference will go to short stories (ca. 7,000 words), but longer stories and poems will also be considered.                

If the editor, Judith Merril, accepts a submission, the author will share in the 10% royalty on each copy of the volume sold. "Authors will retain non-exclusive rights for their work," which should not have been previously published more than once.               

Since the deadline for submission is this month, prospective contributors should contact the Editor of Press Porcépic immediately at: 235-560 Johnson Street/Victoria, BC/Canada VOW 3C6. Any typescript that you want returned should be accompanied by an s.a.s.e.—RMP

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