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Philip K. Dick.


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The Manuscripts and Books of Philip K. Dick

Notes and Correspondence

  • SFS #7
    • A Book on Philip K. Dick; The NESFA Index (R.D. Mullen)
  • SFS #12
    • On the Ouster of Stanislaw Lem from the SFWA
    • Brian W. Aldiss. What Dark Non-Literary Passions
    • Stanislaw Lem. Looking Down on Science Fiction [from Atlas]
    • Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski. How It Happened: A Chronology
    • Pamela Sargent. Why It Happened: Comments and Conclusions
    • George Zebrowski. Why It Happened: Some Notes and Opinions
    • Jack Dann, Gregory Benford. Letters on the Affair
    • Andrew Offutt (President of SFWA). How It Happened: One Bad Decision Leading to Another
    • R.D. Mullen. I Could Not Love Thee, Dear, So Much
  • SFS #13
  • SFS #27
    • In Memory of Philip K. Dick (Patricia Warrick)
    • Another Death "in the Family" (RMP)
    • Death and the Denial of History: The Textual Shadow of the SF Author (David Ketterer)
  • SFS #41
    • Philip K. Dick in France (Peter Fitting)
    • Whose "Failure of Scholarship"? (Kim Stanley Robinson)
    • Upcoming Conferences (With a Call for Papers)
  • SFS #42
    • Scholars and Pedants (George Slusser, Merritt Abrash)
  • SFS #45
    • Between Faith and Melancholy: Irony and the Gnostic Meaning of  Dick's "Divine Trilogy" (Jean-Noël Dumont)
    • In Dispute (Norbert Spehner, Jean-Marc Gouanvic)
    • In Print (Carol Homer, Kent State UP)
  • SFS #54
    • Dick, Deception, and Dissociation: A Comment on "The Two Faces of Philip K. Dick" (Gregg Rickman)
  • SFS #59
    • On Our Philip K. Dick Collection (Gregg Rickman and Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.)
    • Correction
    SFS #83
    • Alternative World? (Paul M. Lloyd) and Response (Gregory Benford)
    • Dick in Italy (Umberto Rossi)
    • Calls for Papers and Special Issues
  • SFS #110
    • E.T.A. Hoffmann and Philip K. Dick (Ian F. Roberts) 
  • SFS #137
    • Lem, Philip K. Dick, and Royalties in the Soviet Era (Rottensteiner)

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