Science Fiction Studies

#140 = Volume 47, Part 1 = March 2020



  • Patrick A. McCarthy. Reading Dystopian Novels in the Trump Era: Horan’s Desire and Empathy in Twentieth-Century Dystopian Fiction and Han/Triplett/Anthony’s Worlds Gone Awry   


  • Banerjee/Fritzche’s Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East (Katherine Randazzo)

  • Brioni/Comberiati’s Italian Science Fiction (Umberto Rossi)

  • Dobraszczyk’s Future Cities (Joel Letkemann)

  • Ghosn/Jazairy’s Geostories (Karla McManus)

  • Hurtgen’s The Archive Incarnate: The Embodiment and Transmission of Knowledge in Science Fiction (Will Slocombe)

  • Liu’s Information Fantasies (Nathaniel Isaacson)

  • Maurer/Koren-Kuik’s Cityscapes of the Future (Alison Fraser)

  • Murphy’s Robotics Through Science Fiction (Kanta Dihal)

  • Ray’s Travails With the Alien (Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay)

  • Skweres’s Science Fiction Film Aesthetics in Light of Marshall McLuhan’s Thought (Rick Cousins)

  • Tranter’s Science Fiction and the Law as Technology (Everett Hamner)


  • Prosthetic Personhood in R.U.R. (Lisa Swantrom)

  • Conference on SF Visions, Sounds, and Spaces (Filip Boratyn)

  • CFP: From Representations of Nature to Climate Change Fiction (Teresa Botelho and Isabel Oliveira Martins)

  • CFP: The Stories We Tell About, With, and Around Videogames (Megan Amber Condis and Mike Sell)

  • SFRA Awards Renamed (Keren Omry)

  • Call for Essays in the Online Journal Hélice (Sara Martin Alegre)

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