Intermediate Microeconomics

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Second edition:

This book would not have been possible without the help of many people, but four especially stand out: Frank Howland, Kealoha Widdows, Michele Villinski, and Tami Barreto. Thank you.

I team-taught several courses with Frank and Kay so it is not surprising that their imprint, including examples, phrasing, and pedagogical strategy are embedded in this book. They caught mistakes, gave me ideas, and profoundly influenced my thinking about the best way to teach economics.

Michele sat in on my Intermediate Micro class in the Spring of 2019. She would occasionally give me tips and make suggestions to improve the presentation. I kept a running list and included them in this edition.

Tami copy edited this manuscript, like almost everything else I have written. Her attention to detail and drive for perfection have improved the exposition immensely.


First edition:

I wrote this book over the past several years while teaching an Intermediate Micro course.

The book reflects comments and suggestions from my students. Thank you.

I also thank Frank M. Howland and Kay Widdows, my colleagues for many years at Wabash College and my wonderful friends. I wrote Introductory Econometrics Using Monte Carlo Simulation with Microsoft Excel with Frank and shared countless hours staring at Visual Basic code, discussing examples, and figuring out how to use Excel to teach economics. I worked closely with Kay on using Excel to teach Introductory Economics and IO. Some of that work is in this book. Thanks, Frank and Kay, for helping me so much.

This web site was originally created by Jeannine Smith for our econometrics book. I liked it so much that I asked her if I could use it for this book and she graciously agreed.

Finally, some of the examples were inspired by Hal Varian's Intermediate Micro textbook, which I adopted for my micro course. If I didn't have my book, with its emphasis on concrete examples implemented in Excel, I would still be using Varian.

I would appreciate your criticisms and suggestions.