Intermediate Microeconomics with Excel

Comparative Statics Wizard

This add-in enables easy comparative statics analysis with Excel. The user must have an optimization problem or equilibrium model in a sheet and find the solution with Excel's Solver. The add-in adjusts a single exogenous variable (holding others constant) and uses Solver to find the solution for each value of the exogenous variable(s). It reports results in a new sheet.

The add-in is included (with instructions) in the full set of materials available at Excel Workbooks.

If you just want the add-in, it is here: CSWiz.xla.

For brief installation and further instruction on use, download this zip file:

For more documentation, explanation, and examples of usage, see Teaching Comparative Statics with Microsoft Excel. A new browser window will be opened and you will still have this window available if you wish to return to it.