Intermediate Microeconomics with Excel

Excel Workbooks

Download all of the files that accompany Intermediate Microeconomics with Microsoft Excel by clicking the link below. The compressed files expand into a single folder (with subfolders included in an organized fashion). Your computer may do this automatically or you may have to double-click the zip archive and extract the files manually.

Last Updated: 6 June 2020:

(116 files, ~8MB compressed which expands to ~20MB when extracted)


For my DePauw University students:

Save the unzipped Excel files to your I: drive folder on the DePauw network.

You can access the network (and a Windows Excel version for Mac users) at: -- HTML access is easier, just log in and be sure to select the Econ desktop. Then you can access a browser, Excel, and the network from the virtual desktop. You can even use a tablet -- anything that can reach the web page will work.

For more on the virtual desktop (and working remotely), visit:



Last Update of Files for First Edition: 1 June 2020: