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Greetings from the Steering Committee

As DePauw approaches its 200th year, we have an opportunity to move boldly toward being considered not only the #1 liberal arts college in Indiana, but among the very best liberal arts colleges in the country. Our curriculum will reflect our liberal arts foundation and we will engage in curricular renewal to offer a distinctive educational experience that best prepares our graduates to be leaders the world needs in a global, diverse, rapidly changing, and technologically sophisticated world. We will be an institution where all students—regardless of background, identity, or ideology—who desire to learn with us are welcomed, supported, and have access to DePauw’s rich academic and social opportunities. As the stewards of our founders’ vision in establishing DePauw in 1837, we will maintain a sharp focus on strategies that ensure the financial health and sustainability of DePauw long into the future. Toward these Gold Within commitments, values, and vision, our strategic direction encourages and supports curricular renewal and the revitalization of the DePauw experience in the face of the daunting challenges facing higher education and liberal arts colleges.

We want to thank the DePauw community for your insights, deliberation, ongoing feedback, enthusiasm and collaboration. It has been our pleasure to lead this process.

David Alvarez, Humberto Barreto, Dave Berque, Melanie Finney, Rob Harper, Jeff Hansen, Kay Hoke, Bob Leonard, Lori Miles, Carol Smith, Sarah Steinkamp, Robert West, Lori White