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Office of the President

Office of the President

The office of DePauw University's 20th President, Mark McCoy.

For more than 175 years, DePauw University has been changing lives. We bring students from diverse backgrounds together with first-class faculty to create future leaders.

We are firmly committed to linking our strong liberal arts education to life's work, preparing our students for achievement in an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing world. But we do more than prepare students to make a living; our liberal arts education prepares students to make a life. Our students go on to uncommon success and understand the significance of the life well lived.

We invite you to visit, soon and often, to get more information about the programs and activities available to you here and about DePauw's long history of creating learners and leaders. Welcome.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Providing a total student experience – the combination of intellectual engagement, co-curricular activity and experiential education – found at an institution such as DePauw University demands clear and intentional planning and action.

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RT @DePauwU: "If I learn about leadership in a class on American government, but I see leadership in action when I watch my coach inspire our team, that to me is what the Commitment is. It’s that place where students see those things working in parallel." ✨ More at https://t.co/IdibiG0H4O https://t.co/FUeNuXctNZ

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RT @DePauwU: Congratulations to our 🙌7⃣🙌 U.S. Student Fulbright Award winners! DePauw and the United States are fortunate to have you as ambassadors to the world. #depauw 🇹🇭 Liam Byrnes 🇷🇸 Conner Gordon 🇳🇱 Riley Hawkins 🇮🇳 Peper Langhout 🇩🇪 Nelson Blake 🇵🇾 Stephanie Ramos 🇮🇹 Bo Shimmin

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